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first gay pee Back a couple of years ago, I found, or should I say it found me, a great way to make additional money for college. I was in my sophomore year. The previous spring, I had rushed At the time I considered myself straight. I had a girlfriend and thought that she was the one for me. I had had a couple of gay experiences. Most forced upon me during hell week the spring previous to. Hell week started with stunts like having to unzip, remove (if they had clothing on at the time) and hold one more pledges ramrod during the time that this boy took a void urine. This was especially embarrassing in public restrooms. One day we day to walk to and from classes with our hand down the front of some other pledge’s pants, while someone else had their hand down mine. By the way we were not allowed to wear underwear that day. some other thing we had to do each morning prior to showering was to give one of our boy-friend pledges a full bag enema. These things lead to the one and the other shaving some other guy and being shaved from the neck down. Then on to having to kiss the pledge master’s ass. To having to jerk off one greater amount pledge. On the third day of hell week we were finally assigned a large brother. By the end of that day, I make no doubt of every of the ten pledges had sucked off his big brother. The next morning in advance of leaving the house, every big brother inserted a a-hole plug in his pledge, which remained in all day until that night when it was replaced by the big brothers dick. By the end of the week every of us had sucked and been screwed by several different jocks. Some of the big brothers would trade pledges. Some even would give a pledge to a non-frat friend. My big brother, Mickey, had a little party for several of high school friends. I was the entertainment. Mickey took great pride in preparing me for this party. that lad put a 12-pounder ring on me and dressed me in a red satin g-string and matching bow tie. this chab then bent me over and wrote on my ass “fuckhole.” When his friends first arrived, I was to serve them drinks. one time everyone was there (four in total) and had their drinks, I had to go to each and ask if “I could have the fun of engulfing your dick.” The first chap was a real anal opening and kept saying, ” what did you say? I cant hear you.” in a short time I was shouting as I asked him to let me suck his knob. There was poetic justice in this; this chab had a very petite knob. I do not think it was over 5″ and very thin. It reminded me of a bulky man’s finger. Once the chap said yep I could suck his dick, Mickey had instructed me to first help them undress completely, then go about engulfing ’em off until they said me to stop or until they came. Then move on to the next guy. As I started to engulf the final cock, Mickey came up behind me, which I did not see, and coercive his weenie in my a-hole. In one thrust, that chap buried his ramrod all the way in my ass. I damn near bit the 10-pounder in my throat. The other guys cheered. So here I was engulfing one chap and being fucked by one greater amount. When Mickey was done, this guy had me suck him once greater amount and someone else took his place at my a-hole. previous to the night was over I had sucked every of them twice been fucked by every of them. The final night of hell week included being undressed and blindfolded then forced to our knees. As we kneeled there, various boyz walked by and had us suck on ’em. But only for a minute and not ever to the point of cumming. I imagined that each of the forty brothers was marching by each of the ten of us. I guess they thought there was some bonding in the fact that each brother placed his weenie in each pledge’s mouth. Next we were laid on our backs and instructed to hold our legs in the air. Of course we were still blindfolded so we could not watch the large dildos our large brothers were carrying toward us. After a small in number words from out president, our big brothers compulsory the dildos up our asses to the hilt. We all screamed in ache. There was no thing gentle or kind about it. The room filled with laughter. After about 10 minutes, we were said to remove the blindfolds so we could see the fake penis in our ass. I was stunned to see the size of the fake ramrod that Mickey pulled out of my ass. It was 10 inches long and 3 inches wide. one time it was out, the president instructed us to stand, which was difficult. Then out big brothers presented the dildos as a gift from them to us. each big brother had to go out and pick out a sex tool for their pledge and then signed the fake dick. I make no doubt of that the large brothers tried to out do every other as to the size of the sex toy. The president then said congratulations you have made it. everybody cheered. All of the bothers started to hug each of the pledges. The president then reminded us that we are still the low fellows on the totem pole until the new pledges next year. Which meant we were still expected to service out big brother each now and then, but no thing like hell week. I ended up giving Mickey a oral-stimulation job each couple of weeks. If this chab did not pick up some hotty at the bars, this boy would call me to acquire his rocks off. that lad never fucked me after hell week. this chap joked about it often, but not ever did. It was usually a quick orall-service stimulation when this chab was drunk. I took all of this as just a bonding experience. I kept the same girlfriend throughout the rest of the year and all of the summer. I figured all of the brothers went throughout the same thing I did. And not quite all of the brothers had girlfriends. So it was not a queer thing. One thing that they do not tell you, belonging to a frat is very expensive. Not solely the fees, but also all of the other activities. You know the weekends at the beach, spring break, out to the clubs. And it is expected that you will participate. All frat brothers do all things together. Well I had not taken that into account and was pretty soon through all of my savings. I had worked two jobs that summer in hope to have sufficiently cash to maintain my membership in the frat. If they thought u weren’t socializing with them, they would throw you out. I figured after what I had gone through, I was sticking it out. I paid my dues. I degraded myself to the point of engulf weenie and taking it up the a-hole. After all, I would have the opportunity to be a big brother. I wanted to get my turn at controlling a pledge. By the end of the 1st half of the 1st semester of my sophomore year, I was nearly broke. And the frat was planning a weekend travel to the mountains. I could not afford to go. I talked to Mickey about this. I was afraid they would receive rid of me if I did not go. that lad helped me to come up with a lame reason as to why I could not go. Then this guy suggested that I was stressing over my finances too much. that guy told I should go out and have a good time. I said I couldn’t afford to go out. That is when that lad suggested that I go to this bar downtown. that guy added a lot of traveling business guys hang out there. It is about the solely bar downtown not attached to a hotel and not a college hang out. this chab told me that a lot of the boyz there are lonely and looking for somebody to talk to instead of just drinking alone. that guy said me that they would greater quantity than likely buy me drinks and if I were lucky, even dinner. He then handed me a darksome silk shirt and told me to wear dark panties with the shirt. that lad added that it was a fancy place and t-shirts were not allowed. this guy then handed me $10 for my 1st swallow and said me to be there before seven, adding, and “travelers do not stay out late.” So I saw off my frat brothers. I could not give a decision if I should go out or not. But by 6:00 I was feeling very depressed and decided what the hell, if nothing else I could have one gulp and leave. I jumped in the shower and got dressed. I arrived at the bar about 6:15. This was an old stately kind of bar. Every guy there was at lease 35 and they all were dressed in dark suites. Almost all of the boys were sitting by themselves. I went up to the bar and ordered a beer. A scarcely any minutes later a lad came in to the bar. that guy looked to be about 40 or so. this chab appeared to workout a lot. Of course this chab was wearing a darksome suit. this chab came to the bar and set next to me. The bar tender asked what he wanted. this chab orders vodka neat and added “and whatever this young man is having.” The bar delicate brought us the drinks. I thanked the chap. We introduced our selves and started having tiny talk. this chap talked about his work and his home. that lad told this chab traveled a lot and often for extended periods of time. He added that that chap was not at any time sure where to go out to have a valuable time. He always ended up in stuffy old bars coz that is where the hotels direct him. We chatted for a whilst. this guy then brought me dinner. through the evening, he kept buying greater amount drinks. After dinner this chab suggested we go into the other room at the bar and enjoy a cigar and brandy. I had never smoked a cigar before. I choked at 1st. Then Jeremy showed me how to do it and suggested I not take such large puffs. By this time I was feeling very light headed. I had not realized that it was nearly 11 pm. Jeremy suggested that we should go someplace more lively. At this point I was feeling no pain, so I acquiesced. I bragged how I knew all of the hot spots in town. He asked if we could run to his hotel room 1st so he could change out of his suit. So off we went. His hotel was just a pair of blocks away. It was one of these hotels that you stay in for extended periods of time. It had a living room, a full kitchen and a separate bedroom. When we got to his room, this boy got me a swallow and told this lad would be ready in a minute. I sat on the bed and took a pair of swigs of my dink. I was really buzzing now and I started to doze. The room started to spin and I passed out. The next thing I remembered was waking up to a weird feeling in my groin. As I came to I heard Jeremy say did u have a nice nap. As my eyes focused, I realized what the weird feeling was; Jeremy had bare off my clothing and was shaving my groin. that lad was wearing a leather harness and a leather jock. I started to struggle and realized that I was bound down spread eagle on the bed. Jeremy said, “Easy, you do not wish me to cut off your balls.” I started to ask what the fuck this boy was doing. I added i am not homo. Jeremy told be to relax and enjoy it. But I kept on going about how this chap was a faggot and that this chab needed to untie me. Jeremy calmly squeezed my balls and said, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, but one greater amount word and I am going to gag u. I exclaimed “what!” and this chab told that’s it. he grabbed my tighty whites and said me to open my mouth. When I refused, this chab squeezed my balls. this chab squeezed harder and harder until I opened my face hole. that boy shoved my underclothing in my face aperture and then put tape over the top to keep it there. He took his time in shaving me. that guy then untied my legs and said me to roll over. I began to thrash around this chab warned me to cooperate. that lad grabbed my legs and with little effort twisted me forcing me face down on the sofa. As he bound my legs, I continued to struggle. one time the one and the other were tied, that guy said, I warned u and with that he smacked my wazoo with a paddle. I screamed as loud as I could throughout the underclothes in my throat. this chab proceeded to give me twenty-five greater amount swats. When he finished, he told that this chap had warned me and next time he would not take it elementary on me. Next this chab started to rub my arse as if this lad was admiring his handy work. this chab then without warning poked his finger into my a-hole. “Nice and tight, that very good,” this guy told. Then this guy poked a second finger in my gazoo. this chab worked his fingers in and out and in a short time had three fingers in me. He withdrew his fingers and walked over to the side of the couch so I could see him. this chap said, “I wanted to let u see what is coming next.” And with that this boy removed his leather jock. His wang was huge. I just now had pics of that fake penis from hell week. He was not even fully vertical and that guy his schlong was 10 inches long. this guy stood there and played with schlong for a whilst. this chab then moved closer and started to rub his wang all over my face and hair. this chab started to say things like, “you like that large dick, don’t you?” He went around behind me and said, “Do u wish it quick and fast or slow and easy.” I tried to plead with him throughout my gag. he said, “Oh quick and fast. Great!” And with that this chab buried his monster dong in my a-hole. I had never experienced pang like that in advance of. I was sure that guy tore my wazoo up and that I were bleeding. The ache was very intense. I think I passed out for while. When I came to, Jeremy was still riding my a-hole. My shithole felt as if it was on fire. he kept going. I didn’t think this boy would ever end. After what seemed to be hours, I felt his shlong begin to swell even larger and then he thrust hard and deep and with that I felt his cum gushing inside of me. He collapsed on top of me. this chab whispered in my ear, “That was great. I love your ass.” this chab climbed off of me. Moved to my head, pointed his ramrod at my face then continued to cum on my face. When the fluid stopped flowing, he wiped clean his pecker in my hair and face. Then this chab said me he had a little gift for me. He left the room and returned a minute later wearing a white terry cloth robe. that guy kneels on the ottoman between my legs and shoved a big object up my ass. I guessed it was a a-hole plug ‘cuz it was narrow at the base. He then quickly untied me and said me to stand. When I did not move fast enough for him, that guy grabbed me and put me on my feet. this chab then half dragged me to the door. At the door, that guy ripped the tape off of my face. this guy then opened the door pushed me out, causing me to fall and threw my clothes on top of me. He then reached into the pocket of his robe and threw down some specie. He turned and closed the door. I heard the deadbolt click. I laid there in a daze for a scarcely any minutes then realized that I was laying bare in the hallway of a hotel. I spit out the underclothing still in my face aperture and quickly put my pants on, leaving the arse plug in my butt. I was afraid to remove it there because anybody could go into the hall at anytime. I put my shirt on but didn’t button it. I slipped my loafers on and put my socks in my pockets. I then picked up the money that boy threw at me. I picked up four $100 bills. I was shocked. I stood, which was truly difficult. It took me a not many minutes to make my way done the hallway to the elevator. I was surprised to find someone on the elevator at this late hour. It was a juvenile lad from room service who looked to be about nineteen. this lad looked me over and smiled. I started to button my shirt. He asked, “Can I ask you a question? Did u just come from room 5D?” “What? Ahh yea I guess that was the room number. Why?” “Did this boy leave u with a gift?” “I guess you can call it that.” I thought that boy was referring to the money. He then said, “I acquire off in ten minutes. I will pay u $50 bucks if you will wait and let me take up with the tongue his cum off your face and engulf it out of your ass.” This kid was a good-looking kid. It was clear that that guy worked out and this guy had a mind blowing smile. I thought that this boy could get any chap or hotty that lad wanted, why would he pay me to take up with the tongue some other boys cum off of me? He sensed my hesitation and said, “That guy cums greater amount than any one I know and it is the sweetest cum I have ever tasted. I actually have a joy sucking his cum out of a guy’s wazoo. And there is always plenty there ‘coz of the butt plug. What do you say?” I figured at this point what do I have to lose and I didn’t think this guy was going to let me leave the hotel out of assenting. So I agreed. this chab told me to chase him to the employee dressing room when we acquire to the first floor. I followed him to the dressing room. It was diminutive and with a couch and some lockers. that guy told me to get comfortable and that this chab would be back in just a minute. that guy then assured me that no one would come into the room at this hour. So this guy left to finish up. I decided to acquire bare to save time. I really wanted to get home, but my wish for the $100 was greater. As I undressed, it was the first time I noticed that I was rock hard. My rod appeared to be larger than it had ever been in advance of. I started to stroke my dick. My juvenile ally entered the room and said, “You could not expect for me?” And within 20 seconds, he had naked stripped. that boy started to take up with the tongue the now dried cum off of the side of my face. It was a great feeling. I had not noticed in the elevator, but that lad had his tongue pierced. this guy then proceeded to run his hands through my hair. When that guy came to a dried clump of Jeremy’s cum, he would engulf it out. I thought this kid was the most cum loving person I knew to go to this length to get just a little bit of cum. But that lad was dedicated to what that boy was doing. Next this chab asked me to slip down on the daybed so my ass would just be over the edge. this guy kneeled in front of me and started to like around my asshole. this chab paused and said. “Newly shaved?” and went back to work. this chab then started to twist the booty plug. “This is greater amount than likely going to hurt, but the longer you leave this in the greater quantity it will hurt to remove it.” And with that, this chap pulled it out. It sent chills throughout out my body. My rectum felt like it was on fire all over again. That butt plug was not out of my wazoo for greater amount than a second, before I felt his tongue licking my hole. this chab was rather loud as this chab sucked the cum out of my ass. I had at no time been rimmed previous to. But what that kid could do with his pierced tongue was paradise. I had at no time had such a sensation previous to. this chab was able to acquire his tongue deep in my hole. As this chab ate out my ass, this guy started to jerk my very hard shlong. I think he sensed that I was about to cum and stopped for a while. After about 15 or 20 minutes, this guy moved his way from my a-hole to my balls. afresh this was a first for me. I have licked my frat brother’s balls, but I had at no time had any one ever suck on my balls. that boy took one ball in his face hole at a time. It was an incredible feeling. that chap then took my cock down his face aperture. This boy knew what this lad was doing. I loved the feeling. My girlfriend’s head could not even compare to this guy’s. Within seconds I was filling his throat with my cum. I came so much I did not think I would stop. He held my pecker in his face hole until it was limber. As that guy continued to worship my cock, that chap had started to jerk his own pecker. As this chap was getting close to exploding, this lad released my shlong from his face hole and leaned back. This kid had a thick cock. I watched as his cum discharge. It had to go at least 3 feet high. Some of his cum landed on my legs and the floor. He quickly licked the cum off of my legs and then moved down and licked his own cum off the floor. After a miniature in number minutes of just lying there, this guy stood up and told thanks. I started to acquire suit as this chab walked over to a locker. this lad opened the locker and pulled out a wallet. that guy walked over to me and handed me 2 twenties and a ten. this boy added, “if u ever watch the chap in 5D again, be sure to visit me after your done. Just ask for Sean.” that guy picked up the gazoo plug that he pulled out of my ass, licked it clean and handed it to me saying, “You may need this again.” He started to dress and I headed for the door. this chab then said, “Hold on, I almost forgot, the clerk at the front desk was looking for a lad in a silk black shirt. this chab has a note for u. I said him I would acquire it to you.” He handed me an envelope and I left. As I walked out of the hotel, I read the note: “Thanks for a great evening. Meet me the next day night at the corner of 12th and Main at 10 pm. I will make it worth your wild and I promise I won’t drug u 1st. Jeremy.” I woke up the next day after noon. My body ached. My wrist and ankles were sore from the ropes. And my arse still burned. The odd thing was I woke up with an incredible hardon. My shlong stayed hard the whole afternoon. I kept thinking about the previous night. In one day I had made $500, that was a week worth of working 2 jobs this past summer. I could not assist to think what Jeremy meant by “make it worth your wild.” I was sure I did not desire his big ramrod in my arse once more. But a little pain for $400 may be worth it. I decided I would see how the ache in my a-hole was by then. I too decided to try an enema to see if it would help with the pain. I figured the kewl water would aid the burning sensation. I went about the task at hand and I was right. The kewl water helped a great deal. I took one full bag and after a scarcely any minutes expelled it. I then took some other bag. I did not have the urge to go so I refilled the bag and took the second full bag. I had merely ever taken on bag in advance of (this boy had to each day during hell week previous to we could shower). This actually felt great. So, I had decided that I truly could use the money and would go. 10th and Main was not a very fine section of down town, though it was only about 10 blocks from Jeremy’s hotel. I decided that I would go very casual. I wore my jock and sweats. I put the booty plug Jeremy gave me the night in advance of in the pocket of my jacket. I arrived at the corner about 9:50. Jeremy was standing out side of a sleazy hotel talking to a group of boys. When this guy saw me, this chab came over and told me that he was here in city to supervise a particular project for his company. The company had sent a crew with him. They were already in city for two weeks and they expected at least 2 greater quantity weeks. “I have found that if I keep the guys happy, the work harder and faster. They do not go out every night getting drunk and not showing up at work. Keeping ’em glad means getting their rocks off. So I have a deal for u. I will give u $75 for every of my crew that you give a blowjob to. I have a total of 8 guys.” “I said you I was not queer. If I did not need the specie I would not have shown up.” “So we have a deal. Great, when you are done here come and see me at my hotel.” that guy then pointed to the group of chaps. I went over to then and they led me into a hotel room. This place was very different from Jeremy’s hotel. It smelled, had diminutive windows and there was 2 double beds in the room. One of the dark boys said, “I’m first.” With that this chab dropped his pants and sat on the bed. His weenie was already hard. It was about 7.5″ lengthy. I have never sucked a darksome 12-pounder in advance of. All of my frat brothers were white. It took about 15 minutes for him to discharge his load. I did my almost any astonishing to swallow it all down. When this chab finished shooting, I stood and turned to see the other seven boyz had already shed their garments and almost any we stroking their dicks. After the 3rd guy, my jaw was greatly sore. I was not sure that I would be able to suck all of them. But in the back of my mind I was adding the dollars up. I kept saying to myself, $600. After about three hours, I finished sucking the final chap. My jaw was sore, my knees hurt and my stomach was turning from swallowing so much cum. Without saying a word, I stood and headed for the door. One of the Hispanic guys asked “Don’t we acquire your ass?” I responded “no” and headed out the door. I was rather fearful that they, like their boss would just take what they wanted. As I headed down the hall, on of the boyz called out, “I’ll give twenty-five buck if you let me fuck your ass.” I turned to look and saw this chap standing in the public hallway with no thing on underneath the waste. I just kept going. I hustled up to Jeremy’s room. that boy answered the door wearing his leather wang and harness. “I was starting to worry about you. Come in and have a beer, How did it go?” I said, “Fine, but I would rather have a soda or something.” this guy pointed to the kitchen and said me to assist myself. I grabbed a soda and walked into the living room. this guy was sitting on the ottoman sipping his drink. “Did you have a nice time?” “No, I do not enjoy engulfing rods. I said u I just need the money.” “That’s a shame. I have a friend of yours in the bedroom and I was hoping to see you engulf his penis; of course I would pay u. From the tent in your panties I am guessing that u might even have a fun it. Hell I am sure your friend would even be willing to aid u with that hardon.” I got up and walked in to the bedroom. I thought, hell that is one greater quantity $75 and I even acquire my cock sucked. But I could not figure out who Jeremy was referring to. As I walked into the bedroom, I saw Sean, bald clean and fastened spread eagle on the bed. Jeremy said, “You do remember Sean do not you?” I nodded. that guy then said me to strip and to receive on top of him. I strattled his body and took the first close look at his cock. I took Sean’s thick ramrod into my throat; I sluggishly massaged his wang with my mouth. Jeremy grabbed my weenie and fed it to Sean. We were there on the bed 69ing. As we were doing this, Jeremy was rubbing my arse. this lad shoved at but never compulsory his finger in my wazoo. As this chab did this I desired to have his dick in my ass. Jeremy then climbed to the other end of the ottoman. I reached out and tugged his pecker down. As in a short time as his weenie was free, I leaned over and started to suck it. His dong was incredible. It was thicker than Sean’s, but much longer. this boy was at least 10″ long. I unfortunately was not able to take his entire wang down my throat. But it was not for the lack of trying. After a few minutes that chap said, “I brought you in here to engulf in Sean, not me.” With that he pulled his 10-pounder out of my mouth and poked my head back toward Sean’s piece of meat. Jeremy went around to my a-hole one time afresh and said, “It’s a shame that you didn’t wear my gift. I thought for a second and said, “It’s in my coat pocket.” this chap got up and went to receive it. I then felt smth cold at my ass door. With one push Jeremy had shoved his pecker up my a-hole. I was relieved to have his penis in my booty. I was feeling empty with out it. I also did not have near the pang now that I had final night. I indeed liked the feeling. So here I was hovering over Sean who was bound down to the sofa with his dick in my throat and my dick in his throat and Jeremy was fucking my ass. I think that Sean got very excited seeing this from his vantage point and let off his load in my face hole. pretty pretty soon I was shooting in his. And as I finished shooting, Jeremy exploded in my ass. As Jeremy exited me, this chab told me to sit on Sean’s face. Sean went to work sucking Davis’s juices out of my wazoo. Sean was a dom at butt drilling. I could have stayed there all night. But Jeremy came in, afresh wearing that white terry robe and handed me a wad of money. “It’s time for u to leave Sean and I are still getting to know each other. Maybe we could do some business next Thursday.” that guy then handed me the booty plug and said, “Whenever we receive together, I wait that you will be wearing this. u should arrive with it up your a-hole and leave with it in the same spot.” As I got ready to put in it, I noticed that his initials were on the end of it. I slipped it in. Gathered my clothes, dressed and left. As I headed out, I counted the wad of specie. There was a cool grand. I was in heaven. I was flying highly high I was not even on anything. I had a hard time concentrating during the week. I could not await for Thursday. When I got home from class on Thursday, there was a message from Jeremy saying, “My boys are in great need of relief. Can you go there and take care of whatsoever they need, and then swing by my hotel. They should be there any time after six. Thanks.” I could not expect. I was so slutty. I figured I have to engulf the 8 boyz off before I could have Jeremy’s knob up my butt. And I wound make a shit load of money. I decided to take a shower and then to clean my back door out well. Again I wore a dong and sweats. And I inserted the a-hole plug before I left. I was at the crew’s hotel by 7:05. I was also lewd to expect any longer. I discovered the lads hanging out on the corner. As I approached, they started to cheer and call for me to suck their dick. We got to their room and all of them had their pants off in a flash of an eye. I knelt down in front of one of ’em and started to suck. I was in a hurry so I was sucking hard trying to make him cum quicker. It appeared to be to work on the 1st pair of guys. As I was engulfing on the 3rd guy, the 1st guy I sucked, a rather larger black lad started to rub his hands all over my dressed body. At first I thought no thing of it. I wanted to receive done and leave. But marvelous pretty soon his hands were at my booty. And that is when I started to worry. I tried to reposition myself so this chab could not feel the end of the plug. But I was not able to move quickly enough. this chab said, “what the fuck? This little queer is holding out on us.” Soon all of the boys were holding me down and pulling my raiment off. Once I was merely wearing my jock, one of the chaps grabbed the plug and ripped it out of me. The guy who initiated this said, “Tonight I am having a piece of ass.” He positioned himself betwixt my legs and pushed the head of his pecker in my hole. The other guys continued to hold me down. The black boy fucking me pushed his full dick in my a-hole not fast. one time that guy was all the way in, the other darksome guy who was holding my shoulder climbed above my head and told me to suck his cock. As his dick grew harder, it was difficult to suck him. So this boy told me to get up on all fours. Then the two darksome guys went back to work on my mouth and ass. Those eight boys had me every way imaginable. I think everybody of them has at least two times at my booty. They had their way with me for over three hours. It was nonstop. As in a short time as one dumped his load, one more replaced him. At one point I was lifted to the daybed where I laid on my back with my butt half hanging off the bed. As the last chap was pulling out of my ass, the darksome chap who started this pushed his soft pecker in my wazoo. It was so stretched out that this guy had no problem getting it in. Then I started to feel a warm fluid flowing up my ass. This son of a wench was pissing in me. When that chap finished, that chap shoved in my a-hole plug, pulled off my weenie and said, “Mr. Jeremy is expecting for u. that guy expects u to be carrying my urinate back to him. u more excellent get your arse over there. By the way we are keeping your jock as a souvenir.” I started to look for my cloths. They were all ripped up. I put ’em on and headed out the door. I could feel some of the void urine running down my leg, so I started to run. I got to his room and rang the bell. that lad answered the door wearing solely a studded pecker ring. this chab instructed me to strip right there. I was still in the hall and this chab was nude with the door open. I did as this chap asked. He instructed me to bow over and this chab felt for the plug. “Very good, Sean is waiting for you in the Jacuzzi tub. I understand that u have some special juices for him.” I entered the bath and stood over Sean. that chap was nude except for a dog collar laying in the empty tub. Jeremy told me to stand over Sean and for Sean to pull out my plug. Jeremy then had me squat over Sean’s face and he told me to release. Sean did his best to gulp much of the make water and cum mixture. one time the flow slowed, Sean started to rim out my ass. Jeremy told this chap like the way that looked and with that started to piddle on the two of us. that guy had a strong stream. this guy aimed for our faces and made sure he hit my mouth. When this chap was done pissing, that guy stuck his ass in my face and told me to start rimming. I was surprised at the taste of his arse. I expected it to be gross. But it wasn’t. After a not many minutes, that guy turned and I sucked on his dick. He grabbed my head and compulsory not quite all of his weenie down my face hole. At first I gagged, but quickly adjusted. I relaxed my throat and that lad then poked the last not many inches down my mouth. this chab face screwed me as Sean continued to rim me. Once Jeremy’s cum flowed down my throat, we showered and went into the living room. Jeremy said, “I would like to hire u. u and Sean can be my personal assistants as long as I am in town. That should be a pair of more weeks, and then I’ll be back in a not many months. I’ll pay you 2 grand a week.” I told that I needed to continue to go to classes and participate in the frat. Jeremy responded, “You can go to classes. I need u at night. And don’t worry about your frat, I will work that out. I will desire u staying here with me.” I acceded. he spent the rest of the night alternating between fucking me and Sean. The next day, I went home, changed clothes went to class, leaving the butt plug in all day. After class, I packed a not many things. As I was packing, I came across the shirt Mickey lent me a week ago. So I decided to return it to him. I took it to the Frat abode and went up to his room. this chab was not in so I decided to go in and leave it for him. As I did, I noticed an object in one of his opened drawers. I investigated further and found a patricianly hidden arse plug. It was the same size as the one in my butt. Then I saw the initials on the bottom of it. At that point Mickey walked in. I knew then that Mickey had set me up. I thanked him with a blow job.
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