Fuck Club

Boyhous has been working hard to get his new sex club off the ground. He’s enlisted the help of his buddies Blaze Thomason, Jessie Balboa, Zack Blunt, Hank Rivers, Jordon Dominico, Jr. Files and Freakzilla. When Blaze and Zack feel they’ve reached a good stopping point, they decide to entice Boyhous into taking a break. Blaze rubs Zack’s crotch while he explains they have plenty of time to fool around a little. Boyhous figures some hot action might breathe new life into the group’s efforts, so he strips down and dips his fat cock into Hank’s sweet mouth while Jessie gets a taste of Hank’s fattened piece. Then it’s time for Jessie to get what he’s been daydreaming about all day, a hard pounding from Angelo while Boyhous stuffs his boner into Jessie’s mouth! As club proprietor, Boyhous’s calling the shots, and he wants bang Jessie’s tight hole too. It’s a triple-hot explosion as these three hunks help each other blow off steam.
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