Drill My Hole

Chris Kohl is reminiscing with his old friend Andre Barclay and remembering the fun he has had with Andre’s huge cock. Jackson Reid walks by and decides this would be a hot couple to have sex with and invites Andre and Chris over. All three giant hard cocks are set free from the confines of their jeans as Jackson drops to his knees and begins swallowing and worshiping these perfect specimens. Manual has gotten so worked up swallowing these cocks that he blows his load. Andre and Jackson tag team Chris’ hot hole with their wet tongues and fingers before Andre plunges his cock deep into Chris’ raw pink hole. Chris needs a bit more lube, so Jackson lubes up Andre’s cock by sucking it and slicking it up. As Andre assaults Chris’ ass Jackson feeds him his cock down his throat. Andre and Chris take their host and plow both of their bare cocks deep in his ass for a wild and raw double penetration. Chris pumps deep and hard until he blows his thick, creamy load all over Jackson’s ass and Andre’s cock that is still pumping in and out of Jackson’s hungry ass. Andre pops his cock out and Chris sucks the load from Andre’s cock before shoving it back inside of Jackson. Speak to that hot couple on the street, you never know, they may be as hungry as you are.
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