Watersports Exprience

Hey. My name is Byorn, 18, from Oslo. I have an average build, blond hair, hazel eyes, and Im 186cm. I am likewise a freshman at my high school. I have known for a few years now that I am bi, but love most of all boyz more than girls. I always fantasize about being with another chap. One day in mid December, my fantasies came true. I lately joined a professional snowboarding team. Its one of the most joy things I have ever done but the part I think I like the most is that after we get done for the day we have a change to go into the hot tub. My friend Miki always goes in when Im there. Luckily the water is bubbly so he cant see the effect that that guy has on me. Miki is the flawless guy, in my opinion. this guy has blond hair and blue eyes. that guy works out quite a bit so he has the consummate build. he is 17, is 170cm. and weighs 72kg. I always thought that that guy might have been homo or even just bi cuz of the way he would action towards the other chaps. Especially in the locker room I would always watch him checking everybody out, mostly me though. After our group was done for the day, Miki and I wanted to keep boarding so we did not go into the lodge with the rest of the people. Later that night when we finished the room where the sexy tub and showers was closed so I told him to come back to my condo to shower there. I lived right down the street from the mountain so we walked instead of calling to receive picked up. When to got there to our surprise there was no one home. I knew that this would be my only chance to see if Miki actually was homo or not so out of hesitation I leaned over to him and kissed him right on the lips. I was willing for him to break away and start saying shit about me being a fag but he didn’t. Instead that guy pried my mouth open with his tongue and stuck it in. that guy explored all over my face hole then broke the kiss. “You have no idea how lengthy i have waited for this moment.” Miki whispered to me. I walked over to the stairs and motioned for him to pursue me. We headed down to my room when we then stripped each other down to no thing and got down on my ottoman. We engaged in some other vehement kiss. this guy broke the kiss and started to move down my neck over to my left nipp which was hard and waiting. this chab started nibbling and sucking on it which sent shivers through my body. that guy moved to my right and did the same. this chab then lifted my arms and went to work on my shaggy armpits, licking the sweat from the one and the other of ’em. I was so turned on…I could have blown my load then but managed to keep it back. Miki kept moving farther down my body to where my 15cm wang was. He licked down my shaft to when my hairy balls hung. that guy took one at a time into his face hole and gently massaged it. I reached down and started to stroke my palpitating shlong. Miki moved down a little greater quantity and raised my legs into the air. this chab started to tease my gap with his tongue previous to sticking it all the way in. This was a entire fresh sensation to me. It felt incredible. I started to jack my pecker hard as that guy ate my arse. this chab reached up and took over for me. I started to moan loud and he knew when was coming so this guy pulled his tongue from my ass and wrapped his lips on my schlong. this guy engulfed the whole thing. It did not take long for me to blow 7 loads into his awaiting mouth. He didn’t loose a drop. When I was donet shooting this chab came back up and we engaged in yet another kiss. this guy had left some of my cum in his throat so I could taste it. This time I broke the kiss. “Nate?” I asked. “Yeah?” “I desire you to fuck me.” “Anything u want.” We got off the sofa and I got down onto my hands and knees. Miki spit on my ass and stuck a finger in and then two. Next, slowly, he entered his throbbing member. It hurt like hell but I held my self from screaming out. After sticking all 18cm in this chab sat there to let me acquire used to it. not fast he began moving in and out. I began to moan load as the pang turned into the most incredible pleasure. that guy got faster and faster. he reached down in front of me and grabbed my now hard ramrod and started to jack me to the speed he fucked me. His breathing coz faster and this guy began to groan louder and I knew he was about to cum. I tightened my wazoo muscles around his cock. “IM CUUUMMMMING!!” he screamed and blew 7 giant loads into my ass. Miki laid down on my back and caught his breath as I took over jacking my cock. Then I had one more great orgasm, cum spraying all over my chest and floor. Miki pulled out and licked every final drop of his cum from my ass then turned me around and licked my chest clean. I took Nate’s now soft cock into my throat to clean it off. We headed over for the shower and both got in. I told him that I had to piss and he said me to piddle on him. He laid down in the tub and I let my strong stream go. I soaked him from head to toe and got some in his throat. he returned the favor letting loose his golden stream all in my mouth me swallowing everything. this chab turned on the water and we washed every other and then got out. That night we made arrangements for him to sleep over…
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