The tiny guy

guy's wet head He looked to be about 24. This guy was short. Maybe no greater amount than 155 centimeters and weighed no greater amount than 90 pounds. this guy was very lean, no body plump at all, and tightly muscled. There were tattoos all over his body and across his abs it read DRAMA in gothic lettering. His navel was pierced with a single ring with a captured ball which, up close, appeared to be dark blue. He wore a baseball cap with the peak tightly curled down on the one and the other sides so that you could hardly see his face, much less his eyes. When I first saw him, this lad was wearing no thing but a towel. But since this was a bath house, u wouldn’t await him to be wearing much greater amount than that. this chab was the epitome of arrogant, youthful masculinity. And, frankly, at 50 years old, I didn’t await him to be the least bit interested in me. If the young, nice-looking ones went for mature men, it was for tall, very masculine, usually hirsute dudes with muscles. I do not fit into that category at any point. Oh, do not receive me wrong! i am not unsightly or everything. In fact a lot of the men think i am cute and think that i am a lot younger than I am – i’ve been blessed with very good, slow aging genes. But I don’t make anyone think of “Daddy”. And that is what almost all of the youthful one’s desire. They want to bottom to an older man, and I don’t usually top – except in fisting. His room was across the main hallway from mine. Actually, my room faced the blank wall which was the side wall of his room and defined the hallway. I could not see into his room from mine nor he, mine. I was, as is my want, laying on the ottoman naked, face down with my head eagerly pointed towards the open door and my legs widen wide. The message in this position is clear – “Two holes, no waiting!”. I was as insane to engulf 5-kilograms as to get my a-hole screwed. And I was so sexually excited that night, I was willing to take on all comers – no matter what age, endowment or appearance. I acquire into these actually ‘slutty’ moods each so often. (Who am I kidding, i am in that mood nearly any of the time – almost all of my fucking life!). I just crave to have sex with as many dudes as possible. I wish to feel used by them. I desire to have them tell me what a great cock-sucker I am or how I have the hottest, almost all hungry a-hole they’ve ever fucked. Or to groan and carry on while I engulf out their holes – living up to my ‘nick’ – RimPig!!! Anyway, one of the mature ‘Daddies’ came in my room. he was very tall, over six feet with white hair and a long, thick jock that that guy wanted sucked. this chab stood by the side of my bed and I eagerly took him into my mouth and down my face gap. that is what I love about laying in that position on the daybed. A fellow can just come in, whip off his towel and poke his rod into my mouth while I lay there in comfort and suck! And this daddy was taking full advantage of my oral job fun capabilities. He’d too left the door open when this chab came in. I usually leave that option to soever guy i am doing. I love to exhibit my sexual prowess and don’t mind if others join in. After all, the greater quantity the merrier, I always say. We began to draw a crowd who were eagerly watching my sword swallowing act. But, since it was relatively early in the evening, no one joined in. But out of the corner of my eye, I could see the ‘tiny stud’, as I began to think of him, leaning in an arrogantly relaxed pose against the wall and watching during the time that I sucked rod. I figured this lad just wanted a thrill and put my attention and efforts back into the manmeat which was reaming my tonsils. This dad also wanted my ass, but for this this lad closed the door. I don’t know why. I mean, if u are ready to have the world watch you get your 10-pounder sucked, why would u be bothered about pushing it up someone’s ass with an audience? But each of us has our own little quirks. This dad could indeed fuck and that chap had the thick long manmeat to do it! this boy pushed it up my booty and reamed out my aperture for twenty minutes and then pulled out out of coming. that guy said that chap wanted to save it for later and would be back. that guy left my room, leaving the door open and I lay back down on the bed in the same position, awaiting for the next ‘customer’. It was then I saw the tiny guy. this chab was roaming the halls and looking into the rooms with open doors which, for those of u out of any experience of a bathhouse, is how you ‘cruise’. How a person is ‘placed’ in their room will give you indications of what type of activity they desire. For example: If a boy is laying face down on the bed, head away from the door with his legs spread, then all this guy wants to do is get fucked. If that guy is sitting on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor (and not in the movement of getting up right at the pont of time) he is wanting to just suck pecker. u are supposed to walk in and stand in front of him with your crotch basically at the level of his face. i’ve already explained my position, so u should have the idea by now. The tiny guy kept passing my room and glancing in. I wondered what he was doing. this lad was going by to fast to be obviously ‘cruising’ but not so fast as to ignore me either. Finally, that boy leaned one time greater quantity on the wall across from my open door. Now this, for the uninitiated out there, is how some guy’s ‘cruise’ they park themselves across the hall from your room where you can see them fully and then await to see if u make any reaction to ’em. It is a very precise dance. A dance of male egos. If you do not show any interest, he hasn’t committed himself in any way (like really walking into your room) and can just walk away. No hits, no fouls and no one left on base. However, if u do something provocative to show your interest, this boy may eventually saunter across the hall and deign to come into your room. However, this is not always the case. Some chaps like to play ego games. They want you to commit yourself to showing that u desire them and then they just walk away. Their ego has been stroked and that is all they wanted. But this was weird to me. The tiny guy leaned there against the wall in that arrogant pose that said, “I am the majority lad you could ever hope for!”. this boy kept looking the one and the other ways down the hall and at me. This usually tells me that they are ‘still looking for smth better’, but if that doesn’t come along, well…then they’ll lower themselves to fuck with you. It too has some other meaning which I did not remember and should have. Sometimes, lads are really shy! Even in a bathroom house. They don’t want anyone to watch them going into a peculiar room coz that would give away the fact that they were about to have sex and it would also give someone else an idea about their tastes in sex partners. And that was what this was. The tiny guy waited until there was no one in the hall and then moved quickly the six or seven feet across the hall and into my room, slamming the door behind him and quickly locking it. I was totally undone by this action, as unexpected as it was. I stupidly not quite told to him, “Are u sure u have the right room???”. Oh, this chab had the right room alright. It appears to be my cocksucking ability had been nicely displayed to him and that is exactly what this chab wanted. this chab wanted his penis sucked. indeed as I was about to find out, this guy wanted his cock WORSHIPED!!! And I was the ideal acolyte to do so! I put my face at his crotch level at the edge of the daybed. this boy pushed his towel covered crotch into my face and I began to face hole his jock through the towel. I bit it lightly (smth I only dare do with material between my teeth and a dick) and to blow my hawt breath on it. this lad began rhythmically pushing his crotch into my face like that chap was already fucking my face hole. I reached up and gently tugged at the towel and it came apart and fell to the floor. His pecker was not massive but it nicely fit his body. His crotch hair was short but soft. And he had the scent that is so uncommon in bath houses – unwashed male! almost all boys jump right in the shower the minute they get to the baths, having no thought for us ‘smell pigs’ who like our men raw and fragrant! this lad had not done this. that lad smelled as if he’d had a shower in the morning but had worked hard all day. And actually I discovered out that is exactly what had happened. His shlong was still soft when I took it into my throat. I love the chance to take a man’s cock from soft to fully hard. It gives u such a sense of accomplishment – especially when it rises quickly ‘coz of your oral ministrations. I began to gently suck and take up with the tongue at it, taking it as far in my throat as it would go and burying my nose in his fragrant pubic hairs. Oh! The smell of sweat and musk with just the essence of dried piss! This was an aroma that I could smell 24/7 for the rest of my life! And the taste of his sweat on his cock, the slight saltiness which likewise could have been dried piss, drove my tongue to new heights of licking fun. But that guy quickly took charge. this chab knew exactly what this chab wanted and that guy told me, in a voice so low I could solely hear him by listening very hard, just what that guy expected of me. First, this guy told me to receive off the ottoman and down on the floor. that lad wanted me on my knees “like a cock-sucker should be!”. As I knelt down, I looked up into his deep, darksome eyes which had been hidden by the peak of his cap (which that guy at no time took off through the entire 2 hours we were together). Now I could see them. greater quantity wonderful still, I could stare into ’em and acquire lost in them. that guy loved the fact that we were making eye contact and for about 80 percent of the time we were together, we held that eye contact with each other. I sucked him for a while on my knees and then this chap noticed the wall opposite of the ottoman was a mirror. this chab maneuvered around until this chab was sitting on the ottoman with my head between his legs and his wang in my face hole. But now, since this lad sat down, this guy was also low and I was likewise high for us to keep eye contact. that chap said me to sit down on the floor. This created exactly the right angle for his 5 kilograms to dangle into my face hole (this chab as soft afresh) while he could look into my eyes while I sucked his knob or see my head moving over his lap in the mirror. this chap drew his legs up on the ottoman and sat with one bent severely at the knee propping him up and the other tucked below. through the entire incident, that guy continued to talk to me, his voice barely above a whisper. As he talked, this guy told me things that began to paint a picture of why this chab had chosen me to worship him. this chab asked me at one point if his 10-pounder was not better than that ‘old man’s cock’ which this guy had seen me engulfing on. And did I like bi-guys? Now things began to make sense! that lad was bi, his description of his sexual activities with honeys left no doubt about that – especially how hard his dong got when this guy discussed ’em. And the arrogance I picked up on were nerves! this chab was scared to death. I do not think this boy had ever been in a bath before – or, at least, not very often. this chab looked down at me and said, “Yeah, buddy, suck my mancock! suck all of my mancock into your mouth. you actually like that big cock, do not you?!” continuing to keep eye contact with me at all times. I looked at him, moaned and gently closed my eyes for a second to let him know how MUCH I loved his mancock! How much I wanted to engulf his mancock! I then reached my hand up and started to run it over the smooth skin of his abs and up to his defined chest. this chab watched me worship his body. He knew I was turned on by him. he couldn’t assist but know from not solely the unintentional little groans that would escape my face aperture as I touched him, but from the fact that my hand was literally trembling as I glided over his skin. I reached my fingers up into his furry pit and then drew ’em back and let him watch me smell ’em – his musky smell all over ’em – and groan at the scent. This seemed to exceedingly please him, that I discovered his scent so incredibly erotic. I too stroked one of his arms, softly feeling the tight biceps. this guy grinned and raised up, cocking his arm and popping the muscles. I reached up and felt his biceps and groaned at his steel-like hardness. “Yeah, get off on me, buddy! receive off on my fuckin’ stinky pits and my muscles. you’ve got a real fella here u are suckin’ – not some fag boy!” he whispered. Even though the door was closed and the wall in my VIP room went all the way to the ceiling (which the walls of his regular room did not) this chab was still very anxious that nobody be able to hear what was going on between us. I continued to run my hands over his body and up to his pits to gather more stink for my fingers to carry to my nose. And every time I moaned and sucked deeply on his cockmeat. “Yeah, buddy, you are a real cocksucker, aren’t u? you actually get off on sucking my cock! I bet you’d even suck my rod after I took it out of my girlfriend’s pussy, would not you?” this chab husked. I couldn’t let this comment go by. I wanted this to be somewhat a dialogue and so I pulled off his cock, looked up into his eyes and told. “I would love to engulf your penis after u fuck her! i’d love to suck your load out of her twat after you fuck her! i would love to see u eat her pussy during the time that I suck your cock!” through every of these statements, his eyes got larger and bigger. that guy knew this chab lastly had anybody who understood what that chap wanted and needed. “Yeah, buddy! i would love to let you watch me eat her out! see how I do it!” and with that that guy stuck out his tongue and began to flick it rapidly back and forth explaining that guy would tickle her love button that way. In answer, I did the same thing with my tongue but to the head of his cock. It elicited a unfathomable moan and his ramrod got harder in my mouth. I thought for a moment that this chab would cum, but this chap quickly pulled his shlong from my face hole and shoved my face down to his fragrant balls to keep from coming. this boy was not about to let this end any time glamorous pretty soon. When he had calmed down and his jock had started to go soft, this lad again dropped it down and allowed me to suck it back into my face gap. this chab started telling me how that guy copulates his girlfriend every day, eating her out first. This talk was turning me on but it was also turning him on as his cock again started getting very hard in my mouth. I guess to watch how far I was ready to go, this guy asked me: “Are you going to take my load, buddy? Are u going to swallow down all my cum?” As my eyes were locked with his, I understood how much that guy wanted me to say yes. I decided to take things a little bit further than that and so I whispered, “I desire everything that comes out of your cock! I desire your cum but I want to gulp your piss, too!” His eyes actually widened at this statement! I could see by the quizzical look this chab gave me, this chab had no experience with a piss-pig or watersports ‘coz it seemed this chab was questioning me with his eyes as to whether I was serious or not. In answer, I another time took his wang from my face aperture. “Yeah, buddy!” I said. “Gimme your fuckin’ piss! Fill me up with your fuckin’ piss! Lemme drink it straight from your cock!” I could see on his face that this idea of course intrigued him. It was almost like I could see the gears turn in his brain as recent and very different combinations came jointly. A rueful, unmerciful little smirk lit his face as this chab made his decision. I knew this boy could not resist this further debasement of his rod worshiper! he would test just how far I would go. “Yeah, buddy. u want my void urine? you want to drink all my manpiss down your cocksucking face hole? Show me how much u wish my make water. Show me you deserve my piss!” this boy told coldly but with an underlying excitement that told me I had just given him a entire new kink to acquire hawt over! In answer, I groaned deeply in my face aperture and began sucking gently at the head of his cock, stroking the underside to aid him feel greater quantity like pissing. I wondered if he would be able to do it. It was obvious that this was something he’d not ever done previous to and it isn’t always so facile for a guy to void urine in another guy’s face hole. Usually they have to begin pissing and then you can close your face gap over their already pissing pecker and they will then continue to urinate. But I was not going to let the tiny guy off so easy! If this chab was going to be “the Man” then that boy could fucking well live up to the name and piss right in my fucking face aperture out of aid. Besides, we were in my room and the bath staff gets really urinated off (pun intended) if you do watersports in the room. Usually I have to traipse back to the shower in order to receive a stud’s void urine either down my throat, up my arse or all over my body. (Where I love it – not necessarily in that order.). No way! If I was going to make him a watersports top, then I was going to begin him off the right way to start with! I could watch the concentration on his face. His eyes bore into mine. I stopped sucking on his jock and just held the head in my throat. I realized he was trying to receive his 10-pounder to soften so this guy could void urine and I wanted to help in anyway I could – short of taking his wang out of my face hole. that lad continued to concentrate, but I could watch that, as much as he wanted to, this chap was having trouble getting the void urine started. “Just relax.” I said, taking his cockhead from my mouth for a moment. “Just let your body relax and the muscles relax and then just let it out not fast. don’t worry, I can take it all!” I could feel the muscles in his body begin to relax and it was not very long at all until this boy announced, “Ok, buddy, here it comes. Here comes my fuckin’ piss! swallow it cocksucker! swallow my fuckin’ manpiss!” And with that, I could feel the ooze of warm liquid begin to fill my face gap. I crammed my tongue against his pisshole to stop the flow for a second while I swallowed what had accumulated in my mouth. The taste, I noticed, was salty-sweet but not meaty or bitter. I figured he’d had a lot of beers in order to ‘build up his courage’ to come here tonight. As this chab continued to piss, I continued to drink down every golden drop, never taking my eyes off his. Watching the wonder on his face as this chab felt me drinking deeply of his piss. “Yeah, buddy! gulp my fuckin’ piss! Oh, that’s it, boy. gulp it all down. God! I want I could take u home with me and make water in your face hole all the time!” this chap told quietly as that guy continued to fill me with his golden essence. Finally, this guy finished and I lovingly sucked the final scarcely any drops from his cockhead. that boy looked at me with a recent emotion on his face. you might call it ‘admiration’ for doing something this lad could not ever even dream of doing. Or ‘wonder’ at the recent parameters i would set for his sexuality. I had in one, purely decadent act, expanded the limits of his raunchy fun. And you could too see some gratitude as well. “Wow! Buddy! That was so fuckin’ hot!!! Where the fuck did you learn to do that?!” this chap asked. “I solely do it for very special chaps. Not one man in a thousand could get me to gulp their make water. But the minute I saw you, I knew i would drink yours if you’d let me!” I confident him. that guy beamed at the unabashedly bizarre compliment and I could see his chest slightly swell with pride at his own eroticism and ability to turn me on. I grinned at him around his 5 kilograms as I began to engulf some other time. Now that I had his piddle – I had to have his cum!!! But the tiny guy had other ideas. that guy still did not wish this to end. that boy pushed me off his dong and told me to sit with my back to the mirror, against the wall which I hastily did. “Now do not move, buddy. don’t fuckin’ move.” this guy ordered. I looked him in the eyes and said, for the 1st time in our encounter, “Yes, Sir!”. That made him do a double-take and this guy shyly grinned at me. I could see the pride and enjoyment that that lad took in being the dominant in this situation. I was there to worship him and I was doing an excellent job of it. I realized that this is what this chab not solely wanted, but somehow needed. And I was greater amount than willing to give it to him. this chap stood up from the ottoman and moved towards me. Not close enough that I could reach his wang however. “Now do not move.” that guy repeated as that guy began to jerk off his jock before my eyes. At first I got the idea that that lad wanted to tease me with his cock, but I quickly understood that what this chab actually wanted is for me to continue worshiping his cock out of touching it. I grabbed my own weenie which had been hard for the whole scene and began jerking off it during the time that I groaned at the sight of his dong. Raising my eyes, I looked up at him towering above me and could watch on his face, the enjoyment that guy was deriving from my obvious yearning for him. this chab slowly kept moving closer and closer. I kept my head shoved against the wall as I felt this was what this guy really wanted. this chab would give a decision when I got his penis once greater quantity in my mouth. Until then, I was to sit there and drool over it and moan at the lack of it. that chap finally pushed his crotch into my face. I was in heaven!!! The raunchy smell of his crotch, mixed with the taste of his make water still in my mouth and I moaned. As I opened my mouth, that guy poked his rod in. that chap grabbed the edge of the mirror above my head and began to fuck his cock not fast in and out of my face hole. I looked up as that chap continued to fuck my face gap and again our eyes locked. I sucked and worked his 10-pounder with my tongue. I wanted to give him the greatest fun he’d ever known from a face hole. I wanted him to remember this night for the rest of his life – just like I would! We stayed like this for a lengthy time. Him fucking my face gap and watching both in the mirror and in my face the effect this guy continued to have on me. I was his, for as long as that lad wanted. I would not complain if that guy fucked my mouth for the whole night. I could think of no one else I wanted at that moment. I could think of no thing else I would rather do than suck his 5 kilograms. finally that chap sat back down on the sofa and ordered me back between his legs. I could see that this chab had reached the point where that boy not merely wanted to cum – this chab had to cum. that guy had denied himself lengthy sufficiently. It was time to feed his hot load down my throat. As I began to suck him in earnest, always looking deeply into his eyes, this lad did something that, at 1st shocked me. through the entire encounter, that guy had not ever touched me in any way. Now this guy reached down and began to jerk off my head and my shoulder during the time that I continued to orally urge him towards orgasm. It was such a tender, compassionate action. It was as if to say, “Thank’s, buddy, for doing all this for me!”. And as this lad stroked my head, that guy spoke to me, the one and the other with his face hole and with his eyes. “Yeah, buddy, come on! receive me off! Lemme let fly this load down your throat! Lemme cum, man! I need it bad and your face hole feels so good!” That was the final thing that guy was able to say. Within moments this chab began to unload his hawt cum into my throat. shot after shot until I lost count. And as his cum hit my tongue, that was sufficiently to send me over the edge without even touching myself. I began shooting in a volume I hadn’t in years. this chap stopped coming finally, but I would not let his penis go. I continued to suck on it, wanting to receive each drop of his cum from his softening cock. that boy watched me throughout half closed eyes as I worked at getting every drop and continued even when I knew there was no more. Of course , there was a method to this. u keep engulfing on the sensitive head of a guy’s pecker and his natural inclination to piss after orgasm is speeded up. I was hoping that maybe, I could get one greater quantity drink of make water from his adorable cock. And I was not disappointed! “Buddy, u keep doing that and you’re plan to make me need to piss again.” this boy told softly. I looked into his eyes and grinned around his dong so this lad knew, for sure, that this was my crave. His gave me a crooked little grin and what seemed like a miniature shrug of his shoulders as if to say, “Ok, if that’s what u want.” that chap closed his eyes, and I could watch him concentrating. But that boy was an old hand at this now. Within moments, his sexy piddle began to pour from his cock. Not not fast like before, but full force. I quickly began swallowing! I was determined not to spill a drop! And I did not. I sucked down all his golden void urine and then continued cleaning his rod until this guy opened his eyes and pulled his pecker from my mouth. I moved back when this lad appeared to be to wish to acquire up from the couch. He wrapped his towel around himself another time and walked to the door and unlocked it. in advance of that chap opened it, this chab looked back down at me, still sitting on the floor. “Thanks, buddy. I really needed that!” this chab said. “Oh! So did I! So did I!” I replied. And then this chab was gone, pulling the door closed behind him.
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