The pissed Hindu

wet guy After what happened two weeks ago it’s hard for me to take a leak without a hardon developing. Seeing as it’s complicated to aim when you’re kinda stiff most of the time I end up having to wipe up my piss off the floor. It’s kinda like when you first wake up and always have that semi-hard dick, most of the time I piss on the floor and don’t think about it but lately I see piss in a whole other way. Sick in every way I guess. Even right now as I stand back from the toilet bowl and try to aim this piddling stream of piss out of my stiff dick I can still remember the shock and excitement of watching another guy do such an everyday thing. I am what I am I guess. I wonder if after all this I’m still classified a virgin? It was great though – right out of nowhere it all fell into place… I live with my mum in a small house in a town called Storm Bay, she’s great my mum but seeing as she’s often at home it could get kinda difficult to do what guys do if you know what I mean. The good thing is Storm Bay is what you call a summer town, the place is packed in the warmer months but come autumn it kinda empties right out. When I was younger I never liked the quite months but seeing as I had privacy trouble at home these quieter months have been my favourite since I turned 17. We’re right on the coast and one side of the town is all sandy beaches but the other side is all rocky shorelines, scrubby bushes and tea trees and it’s on this edge of town that I go to whenever I feel horny, which is alota the time but I don’t think too abnormal. If you walk along a thin path through the tree’s after awhile you come to this old toilet block that’s not used anymore and has been left there to fall apart I guess. I like it because it’s dry and except for all the sand and leaves that’d blown in there it’s clean. Just before summer last year I was there one time and this guy who looked a few years older than me gave me my first blow job, the guys teeth kinda dug into my cock too much and I knew that given a go I’d be able to do a better job on someone. Ever since then I’ve always gone there hoping to get the same thing but it was always empty. Anyway, two weeks ago I was really horny so I made my way down there. As I said I’ve always hoped to meet another ‘pervert’ like me but just in case I meet someone really using the toilet I always drink a few glasses of water before I leave the house, that way I do need to take a leak when I arrive and if anyone was there then I wouldn’t look suspect. On this particular day it was lucky I did it because just as I was walking into the block this guy came from the path leading up from the beach and walked in at the same time as me. He was an Hindu guy, early twenties with real thick eyebrows and dark facial hair. I’m 5’6″ and he woulda been maybe two inches taller than me, but whereas my body is kinda average build he was real stocky looking. He was wearing a thick blue jumper and a real old woolen cap so I knew he must of been one of those guys that go fishing along the rocky part of the coast. When I saw him I thought their was no way he’d be there for the same reason as me so I was kinda annoyed that I was getting interrupted but I couldn’t back out because he woulda seen me heading towards the toilet entrance so I couldn’t suddenly turn around. When he brushed by me at the door I noticed he smelt like beer, he was steady on his feet so I wasn’t sure how drunk he was. It wasn’t until we were both standing at the urinal that I noticed he lost his footing a little on the raised bit of concrete so he musta been pretty tanked. “Fuck all fish out there today, too much shwell” When he spoke I hesitated in taking out my dick because I felt that definite jump of a possible hardon – I wasn’t even sure how to take this guy but still I thought I’d crack a hardon – I guess at 17 it sometimes doesn’t take much before a guy sees the sex side of things. He came and stood pretty close to me so I thought if I took it out it’d just look like a had a big dick or maybe he’d do something. Pulling down the elastic waistband of my shorts I dug into my undies and pulled out my dick. As usual the excitement of another guy seeing my dick added that extra bit of length, luckily it wasn’t so stiff that I couldn’t hold it in a pissing position. The Hindu guy then undid his belt and let his trousers fall down around his knee’s, when he did it I knew I was in with a chance of something happening, no one drops their trousers to take a leak. I held off from pissing as he turned slightly towards me holding his dark, meaty looking dick. Neither one of us said anything as we checked each others out, we both had circumcised dicks so it was easy to see a certain hardness forming in our cock heads. “You like this?” he said in a kinda lewd way, his voice had a definite accent but it was easy to understand what he was saying. I silently nodded my head then turned to the urinal to piss before I got too stiff – I really needed to go and I wanted to get it over and done with so I could maybe get a blow job or even lick this Hindu penis. After a couple of seconds a small trickle shot from my slit before slowly building to the usual stream. It was then that he reached across and took my pissing cock between his fingers, the dry hard skin of his fingers felt warm against my shaft as he waived it about making wide sweeps of the concrete in front. At the same time I took his idea and reached across to grab his cock, he wasn’t pissing and it wasn’t yet hard but I felt it’s steady growing strength. He continued to waive and fondle my cock and then without stopping his exploration he gently encircled the head with his fingers, my piss hit hard against his palm and rivers of piss shot out from between his fingers, splattering the floor and our feet. My warm piss soaked into my shorts and began to pool in my sandals but I didn’t back off, I didn’t flinch at that moment I didn’t know if I liked this or what but I knew I was fascinated and kinda grossed out but I didn’t want it to stop. Letting my head fall back slightly I pushed hard in an effort to increase the strength of my stream. The toilet echoed with the sound of urine splattering onto the concrete floor until slowly I’d emptied myself into his hand. Cupping his hand under my dick he caught the last few jolts and the shaken off drips then without meeting my eyes he lifted it to his mouth and let the piss run into his mouth. “You suck my cock OK?” Jeez, it was only fair I thought. I glanced around then decided to guide his heavy, stocky body into one of the cubicles, with his trousers around his ankles he had to shuffle, like some eager fuckin’ schoolboy he scraped quickly across the floor before sitting down heavily on one of the disused toilet bowls. “You like this do you? You want this” he was flopping his thickening dick between his thick fingers, he had control of his erection but his eyes and the raspy voice gave away his horniness. “Get down on your knees” I knelt down between his legs and cupped his large meaty balls in my hand and watched as the cock started to lengthen. “Go on, you lick it” Lowering my head I swiped my tongue across the dark, shining piss slit before I opened my mouth and the head slowly sunk between my lips. Suddenly my mouth began to fill with cu…with…with piss, he was pissing in my mouth! I spat the pissing cock head out and it sprayed against my cheek before he squeezed the head tightly between his thumb and finger stopping the stream. Kneeling down I looked up at him stunned, drops of piss running out of the corner of my mouth I felt the tangy piss pooled under my tongue. I knew I liked this but I had to take a few moments to get my head around what it was I liked. He’d drank mine without shame or embarrassment so maybe… “Swallow it” he said, his dry lips quivering very slightly. After hesitating I swallowed the piss in my mouth, when he saw my throat contract he smiled, a lewd dirty smirk on his face. It didn’t taste the way piss usually smelt. It was salty, kinda tangy and I could smell beer in it but it was OK. It was more the thought of what I’d done that turned me on. Pulling his jumper off he dropped it to the floor before adjusting his woolen cap and leaning back against the concrete wall, his skin was a dark brown with hair thick across his chest that trailed over his kinda fat stomach down into his thick mass of pubic hair. Spreading his muscled arms apart he indicated he wanted to see me naked. Pulling my shorts and undies down I kicked them aside, the front of my T-shirt was wet with his piss so I left it on, my rock hard cock jutted up hard and ready. Squatting down I loved the feeling of cool sea air circulating around my ass as my cheeks parted. When we were happy with our positions he closed his eyes briefly, concentrating hard I could see he was trying to get himself to piss. Following his earlier idea I cupped my hand over his cock head then within seconds I felt the hot bolt of piss hit hard against my skin. Then holding the pissing shaft straight into the air it fountained down into his stomach, my wrist and my arm until they glistened wet. He held his arms at the side of his body so having full control of this Hindu hose I aimed it square at his face, sending it slashing across his face, he then opened his mouth, instantly it filled with his own piss, his throat gulped heavily but still piss poured clear from his mouth and rained down in across his body. Closing his mouth he spat out stream of piss from his swollen cheeks it landed in my hair before trickling down my spine into my ass crevice, for one brief second I was sure it touched my asshole. Our dirty actions got me hot. Opening my mouth as wide as I could I engulfed the pissing cock, filling faster than I expected I swallowed as fast as I could, the hot tang of Hindu urine filling my stomach, my cheeks swollen but holding as hard as I could against his cock, piss shooting from the corners of my mouth poured down onto his trousers his boxers and my T-shirt. I reached down and began to pump hard at my shaft. I felt the last of his piss pour into my throat, the last shots burning beautiful against my teeth and my tongue, his cock was now growing, the heavy meatiness expanded between my lips. As the size grew within seconds I had to open my mouth for air sending his piss running down the wide dark shaft. This was gonna make me blow. I felt his large hands cover either side of my head as he humped his now steel hard cock into my mouth. Pulling back I sucked off all the moisture before dropping my face down into his piss soaked pubic hair, his balls nestling against my chin, sweat covered and steaming. Soon the clammy smoothness of his pre-cum started to coat my tongue, throat and his shaft. Opening my eyes with his heavy cock pushing against the inside of my cheek I loved the way his head lolled around with pleasure, his eyes closed he sweated and grimaced in ecstasy. Pumping hard at my sweaty, piss coated shaft the warm piss undie smell rose to my face, I was close….humpfff…hu…huff…my hot breath shot from my nose into his dark pubes as I blew, shots of jizz slapped against my chin and the underneath of his balls. A groan echoed loud in the toilet, before my tongue was suddenly swimming in hot thick white juice, clamping my lips onto his shaft I was gonna hold him, I was gonna do this. He humped his cock violently into my face, each time sending more boiling cum into my throat. The salt of a man, the taste of Hindu cock and the smell of Hindu crotch electrified my head until finally it slowed. His cum slimed down my throat and my face dropped and rested on his thick, wet pubic hair, the air alive with new smells he patted gently my wet hair as I let his dark, softening cock slip from between my lips.
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