The Flowers

When my parents died I was left the abode and all that was in it, the money, and the reputation. Picture consummate expectations paved a path of righteous simplicity. Just coz my parents had died the scarcely any weeks before the incident of this story doesn’t mean the rest of my family had plainly disappeared. I was not alone. I had grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins and family pets. I was surrounded by the butler and the maid. Webster, the guy who’d answered the door of our family home for every year of my life still let in the family and the family’s friends so they could come to the study, where I spent nearly all of my time, and tell my how sorry they were or how sad the whole situation was. They would bring me food and they would bring me books and magazines, the newspaper and teas and oils and trinkets of my father’s or mother’s. Some people seemed to forget they’d been buried in the family plot miles away and treated the house and this study, and the merely son, as the tomb itself. Flowers began to stink and Cecilia, the woman who’d cleaned the house since my birth, took ’em away so there would be no need to complain of wilting flowers. I detested it. I detested being there, and yet I felt trapped, handcuffed and bound to the leather Queen Anne chair in the study, perpetually staring at the cars as they’d come up the hill filled with valuable intentions, bearing sentiments that meant merely formalities. How lengthy can somebody sit and be reminded of sadness previous to they themselves rise above the murky depths of melancholy to the high ranks of delirium. Basically, I had lost touch with reality about a week after the car accident. i would been stuck with responsibilities before, smiling at appropriate moments, saying nothing at other times, disappearing from the room whenever possible. I’d had an imagination to escape to, but I was getting tired of past idioms, I was starting to understand that life was a momentary blink of the eye and one acquire to live as well as they can in advance of unexpectedly the eyes closed to blink and reopen on smth else. It was a Wednesday in mid-January. It was a time of year I had come to know as the January Thaw. An unseasonably warm time of year when environmentalists took it upon themselves to preach the end of the world and the chic would look unfashionable in their woolly or furry coats. It hadn’t been required of Webster to light the fires until later in the evening, the snow was melting off the roof and all I could do was sit and see it drip, drip, ooze in a steady rhythm a little different than the tick, tick, tick of the clock. I had not ever had a real job in my life. To pass the time around the holidays I would sometimes work in the bookstore in town to assist out old Mr. Blonsksy with the Christmas rush, but now that the season was over, and now that fresh Year’s Ever was dead and all resolutions forgotten — and now that my mother and father had been smashed to pieces after a transport bearing cattle had slid on some slick stretch of road and landed on top of them, killing ’em without doubt — I was left to wallow, unshaved, unhealthy, unhappily, in a big old house on a hill. Today I was waiting some company that I looked forward to seeing. Not that I detested the company of everyone else that came, but it appeared to be that every person that came was attempting to kick my a-hole into a different gear so I would find the ambition to do smth that would make me happy. They’d all gossip and read me the news from the paper, and we’d sometimes laugh, sometimes sigh at the mysteries of life — but it seemed they’d always be swatting at me with proverbial feet, hoping they’d hit my ass out of trying to look like they were doing it. Bobbi would be different than all the rest. I knew this chab would, I trusted whatever this guy would say in advance of this chap would open his face aperture. I needed the attention of somebody I could like and anybody who genuinely liked me. He didn’t care about my family, or my inheritance ‘coz as long as I had known Bobbi I had always been the wealthy son. i would called him on Monday at the gym, where that guy ran a successful business, and said him I needed to see him. I did need to see him. I needed to know that people still respected me as a person of youth and not a sudden heir to the world I was born into. He’d said me the soonest he’d be able to see me was Wednesday, so I basically accepted any company that came as a passage of time until this pont of time. i’d seen an aunt that brought me a book, W. Somerset Maugham’s The Razor’s Edge. A distant cousin had come in an obvious attempt to acquire some of the money, with a daughter that wanted some perfume — which brings me to something else about all that I had inherited. My family’s wealth had come from an interesting source. The manufacturing of a marvelous perfume line. My mother, as if posing for some sort of Greek statuary had inspired the smells that my father would make in a factory. those were the early days of the family company. Eventually it became a popular brand, in demand from royalty and nobility, actresses and models and your run-of-the-mill elite. The house itself seemed to be a monument to the great sense of smell. From an early age I had had to receive a admirable smack for perfume. I had to know what made a certain woman smell like if she wanted to be noticed in a crowd, or if that playgirl wanted to enchant specifically one youthful man. The study, where the leather chair was, and all the trophy furs and oil paintings were, was too the shrine of the perfume bottles. The oddest shapes, sensuous colors, the almost all romantic smells adorned the shelves and climbed to the ceiling. In the late winter afternoon the sun came in at such an angle, making a rotation of room, making all the crystal jars and bottles and corks and shapes glimmer and sparkle and warm. The room was a chandelier, Cecilia loved cleaning it though — i’m cheerful this sweetheart did ‘coz I couldn’t imagine cleaning each bottle, in betwixt all of them, along the tops of the books and family oil paintings along the wall. It was a glamorous long room, wood paneling along the walls and a wonderfully inlayed tique floor. After the funeral, having the place to myself, I decided that I would make this the receiving room, since this would be the room anyone would want to watch. The other rooms downstairs, or around me, were very well decorated, and each had a bit of the whole world in it, but this room was the perfection of the picture-perfect. There was my chair, and there were 2 others, and when company came we sat near the window. From the window u could see the whole town, and as a young guy I could imagine that I was the king of this town, and everybody looked up to me. I wasn’t a guy anymore and I knew a lot of the people gossiped about the history of my family and the way that I have not chosen a woman to be my bride and mother of the children that would someday receive all this. I know what they suspected — that I was homosexual (the worst possible thing the only child of such a rich family to be) — and it isn’t that they were wrong, in fact I was gay, but sometimes things can’t be screamed, or sometimes they can not even be spoken. Bobbi was truly the merely one that I could trust. I saw his car come then, up the hill, shiny black and sporty. Inside he probably listened to smth actually funky and fresh from the spinning-tables of a hawt young DJ from the big cities to the east. Knowing that conversation is dull in lulls out of the sound of music I had a stereo moved into this room to be my entertainment. Although the bar scene was a dwindling want for me so I now reclined in my sublime contemplation to a new sort of passion. Quartets and duets from the great composers often filled me with a want to do no thing but see the dripping snow or the crackle of the fire. Sometimes, if I found it appropriate, or if company wasn’t expected, I would read. But it seemed no story thrilled me. After about ten minutes Webster came to the door of the lengthy room and rather also loudly announced the arrival. “Sir, your friend, Bobbi Bell, is here. Would you like me to bring you smth to drink?” “First some tea, and if I should need everything I will ring for you Webster.” “Of course sir.” He backed out the door and in his place soon posed the mighty frame of my good ally Bobbi. I did him the favor of standing. “Come in, please, sit down over here. i’m so happy you cold come.” “Dougey, Dougey, you look awful.” this guy said, the honesty was sometimes a bit much, but I could take it from him. this lad was the merely one that neither called me Douglas or sir and it was so wonderful to imagine I was that same person. “Am I truly that bad?” I tried to straighten my Bobbiet and shirt but realized I had suddenly let myself go. As I pouted about my appearance he came up and grabbed me in a big hug, a manly tug, a fierce and rough grapple of my body. this chap then let go of my body, only to grab my head in his hands and kiss me with his charming lips on my forehead. Instantly I became excited but was greater quantity flustered by the commotion than by his charming reentry into my life. “Sit down, I would not desire you to fall.” this boy did not beat around the bush, that is why I liked him. majority people would come to the conclusion of some reJacob and then realizing there’d be some suggestion of death or dying in their words they’d stop midway. I loathed that. Bobbi pretended nothing happened, and that’s what I wanted greater amount than anything. “I’m so cheerful you are here. Sit down, make yourself comfortable.” “I can solely stay for a short during the time that –” “I have some tea coming, at least stay for that.” “Sure,” this boy smiled. this chab was a couple of years older than me. No matter what he wore this guy looked exceptional in it and I loved it when this chap smiled because his complexion was diabolically classy. this boy had that sort of golden-haired hair that had strands of brown in it, and this lad would tan himself in one of those beds that I believed caused cancer, so this guy always looked like this chab had just arrived from the beach. I knew underneath that boy creaseless cotton shirt of sky blue there was a chest as smooth and taut and constricted as the gazoo that was holding him up like an aristocrat’s brat chap in the chair contrary me. Blonde haired men, with blue eyes and a godly build, look greatly good in blue cotton, with shiny dark leather shoes. that chap crossed his legs and brought out a cigarette — offered me one, which I accepted — and then proceeded to light them with a silver lighter. “Didn’t my father give you that lighter.” “Your father was the merely one that promoted my smoking.” We chuckled. My father had been a bit of an eccentric. i’d been able to drink since my thirteenth birthday. this lad said me it was greater amount valuable to learn how to handle drinking when you are impressionable instead of when you’re rebellious. I believe it to be true. Bobbi would come to dinner and get drunk and then go home and acquire in trouble and be told to not ever come back to the house again. Of course he came. As much as people loathed to know us they knew how important it was to be seen with us. Bobbi saw me greater amount than everything. jointly we’d found every other as if we were 2 lost boats at sea and one day discovered each other and only each other and therefore grew up and came to shore jointly. It had been on one of those drunken experiences that Bobbi and I had found out about sex. That was a long time ago … Now this chab was 28, and I was just 26. I knew what that guy looked like naked, and he knew me too, but so many wished they knew him naked, no one really knew that I wanted to be seen nude so no one tried to discover out. After the tea had arrived and Bobbi asked Webster enough questions to make the old dude uncomfortable, we were left alone. A lull in the conversation happened and the view had been thoroughly discussed and even now the music appeared to be also quiet. All hopes of beginning anything good faded. I regressed a bit and had to just ask him, “Aren’t you going to ask me about it?” “About what Dougey,” but he knew what i’d meant. “About them, and everything.” “Do u crave to talk about it?” only Bobbi would ask that. “I’ve been talking about since the pont of time it happened. But I haven’t told anyone about it that I desire to hear it. you are the only one that could comprehend what i have been going through.” “Why do you say that?” that guy smiled and sipped a bit of the chamomile. “Do you know what it was like to see ’em there,” I just began. I felt it all rising to the surface and no thing was going to stop what I was about to say. “Webster drove me to the scene so I could see what had happened to them. It was horrible. It was a snowy night. And the road had been cut off. I knew they were dead and not going anywhere so I got out of the car and walked sluggishly up to the site. The cattle truck had flipped and about five cows had died and lay scattered over the road, one of ’em lay on top of the car, and ‘coz the car was burning the cow was burning. The stench was unbelievably grotesque. My mother’s perfume had been slaughtered by the stench of a burning cow and the putrid manure that steamed in heaps all around.” The smell lingered there in my mind as if it were a speck of something that was planted in my eye in order to change my view of anything I knew. “All my life everything has smelled worthy and like flowers in certain gardens where the sun always shines. I felt like, until that moment, I had been shielded from everything ugly.” Bobbi made a look of concern. “I suppose it is true, you have not ever known anything by the path of an sinless. you’ve at no time been tested, you’ve never had to try.” “But it’s greater quantity than that Bobbi. i have not ever even smelled anything that hurt before, smth considered ugly, smth considered horrible. All my life I have merely been given what somebody normally wants, now I am like a crystal perfume bottle, filled with solely worthy and sensual pleasures. I detest it.” “What happened at the funeral,” Bobbi asked. “I’d heard through the gossip of my mother that you didn’t cry. I wasn’t surprised but they were — the old ladies of the town.” “The old ladies of the city are not a 26 year old boy who is suddenly forced to hold onto everything and coercive to cry so that everybody knows it is a sad situation.” “No one made you cry.” “I know, I know, but it appeared to be that I had to. I remember when the funeral was over and the vault door was open I went inside the family tomb,” — where the coffins were put till spring and then they would open up holes to drop ’em in when the ground thawed out — “and I smelled death then. It did not smell like anything in any of these bottles. It smelled really … indeed the smell of death is a mildew that comes from the clothing we wear into the tomb, it is the rotting of the flesh we made nice-looking for celebrations when we are alive. The flesh rots and the worms feed and the smell is something no one wants, but we all smell like at some point.” “Oh Dougey,” Bobbi smiled, “you’re such a morbid youthful man.” “I know, I know. I need to receive out of the grave. that is my point. I don’t crave to smell death anymore. everybody that comes here smells alive. I desire to smell things once more. I crave to smell recent things.” I looked at him, it sounded like a mission had just fallen out of my mouth. I swallowed some tea, which was now cool, but still sweet, and noticed the sun was shining outside for a brief moment. “Then u need to get out of this abode. you have to begin with the simplest of all smells. u acquire to begin with new air.” “Well, then come on, let us go right now.” “Oh terribly sorry Dougey — I can’t, I have an appointment. Anyway, this is smth u have to do alone. you have to go somewhere and you must find the smell that means life not quite all to you and you must — not bottle it like your father insisted on doing — but simply keep finding something better than that. Life is not about the happiness people can find, it is about the pursuit for it.” We made a formal good-bye out of a easy kiss and then this chab was gone and a quartet by Schumann swept me up for an emotional moment. I needed to change my clothes, shower and go — I needed to acquire outside. The smell of clean garments. The smell of a warm steamy room. The smell of shampoo, soap and toothpaste. The smell of deodorant. The smell of a light wool coat. The smell of leather boots. The smell of a cigarette. The smell of Webster driving me into town. The smell of the car, the smell of him. The smell of those things are the things I smelled all my life. When I stepped out onto the street in the bustling Jacobet area of town I blended in amongst all the well-dresses snobs of the area. All of the smelled exactly as father would have wanted them to. It was just shortly after noon — and I had to ask myself, Where does one go to smell things? The flower shop. The smell of life snipped off and then dropped into a bucket seemed to morbid a tasteless for me. I shoved my nose into the delicate frills of a roses and expensive orchids — had ’em sent up to the abode — but recent Cecilia would not need anymore than what I had pressed me nose into — and I knew that was not what I wanted. It seemed to be the contradictory of what I was looking for, it seemed I was trying to find a fresh smell cuz that smell was also gross. The book shop of Mr. Blonsksy. The smell of dust on the tops of books that had the records of history, the biographies of fantasies that no one read anymore. The mildew of forgotten lore. I opened an old book of mythology and crammed my nostrils against the old woodcut print of some old god and smelled no thing godly, ‘coz it smelled the same as the pages in the old edition of David Copperfield. A bakery perhaps. A butchery, maybe. sweet though, just death too. A cafe. A diner. A tea abode. I hardware store. Potent. Greasy. Spicy. Wood. those were not what I wanted. And losing my mind on a pursuit, if not for a smell then a place to discover smells, I discovered myself in a swanky cigar shop. I loved the smell of cigars. My father had always smoked hefty, rich sticks of tobacco. The smell always made me think of the color burgundy and rock hard liquors, old chaps and leather. I’d bought smth from everywhere so I was the one and the other full and tired. I’d sent ’em all back to the house. i would called Webster and said him I would want to be picked up soon, but not for one more hour at least. I was now intending to buy smth priceless to smoke and go for a walk in the unseasonably warm evening throughout a park and smell the world. Perhaps, I figured, by not rushing I may discover smth of interest to smell. The cigar shop was an old family-run outlet in a series of shops that had been there since the wealthy came to town. Not very many people came in without a wallet full of money or a piece of plastic that may as well have been gold. not quite all of the clientele was older, sophisticated, probably going to the opera tonight, or to the darksome and white charity that i would been invited to but didn’t desire to be seen at — my father said those things were made to make people talk about every other. I could donate if I wanted to, but I didn’t have to be seen there until well after my mid-life crisis. The aisles had containers with names on ’em and flashy labels, but to be honest the smell was more of the containers rather than the contents. There was a youthful mate working the specie. he appeared to be classy sufficiently. “I’m looking for smth that smells completely agreeable. I want to taste how well it smells, I wish it to smell like wealth and cutie and glamor.” in advance of I finished saying my requirements the young fellow smiled and reached behind him. “This is the finest thing that we have on our shelves.” The case was wooden and when that guy lifted the lid the contents spilled out an aroma as smooth as all my wants had wanted. The smell appeared to be to wrap itself around me like a warm vine of a dark and earthy color. I loved it. I want it in my mouth and around me. The cigars themselves appeared to be such a delicious package, every one wrapped by hands thousands of miles away in a land where the sense of smell was as important as the thought behind the intention of their creation. I wanted ’em. So I bought them. They were expensive. I smiled at the juvenile guy behind the money. that chap was probably in his thirties. “It’s nice,” that guy began, “to watch anybody young with a smack for the finer things in life.” Smiling I replied, “I am just trying to discover life, I do not have a taste for it yet.” Suddenly a guy emerged from a door to my left, a door I hadn’t seen until then, which need to have led to a storage room. this chab was quite young, with pale skin and hairy golden-haired hair — I presumed this young fellow to be the son of the stud at the cash ‘cuz they shared the same hair and the same smile, the shape of their faces were similar save the lad carried a feline’s eyes. Then this chab said, “I’ve finished dad — oh, i am sorry I didn’t hear anyone come in.” “That’s all right,” that guy said. “This gentleman just bought the Brazilian Jewels.” Then I noticed that that is what I had in fact purchased. I smiled. “My son,” the man introduced me — I appeared to be to linger, perhaps rudely, but I was spellbound by their gal and they seemed to allow it. “Jordano Santoro.” “Well Mr. Santoro,” I said to the boy, “you’re quite a stylish young lad.” He stepped up beside his father on the other side of the counter and smiled. It appeared to be they were conversing about me out of using any language — it seemed they were pleased to greet me there like this. The father spoke about the mother’s failure to love him and her abandonment of them — and how they live together in the back now. “I’d had him when I was a juvenile man, no older than this chab is now, and so we feel like brothers sometimes.” “It’s important to be a good father to a son.” “I love my dad unlike anyone.” I could tell now that this chap was just at the 1st sign of puberty, his voice tried to be unfathomable was not as deep as it would be someday. “I’m sure u do.” I told. About to leave I suddenly felt brave. “Normally,” I began, “I dine alone, but I was wondering if this evening you’d like to join me.” “Oh –” the father said. Perhaps this chab felt uncomfortable accepting a stranger’s invitation for dinner with his son there. “I’m not sure I should just leave my son –” “Well I meant him too.” I smiled at William. he appeared to be intriguing and filled with an energy that had just faded from me and had dwindled from his father probably sometime around the end of his marriage. “I don’t even know you — i’m sure u mean well but I do not think we should put you through the trouble.” “Oh hardly, I think it would be joy to have somebody up to the house, it’s been so long since my butler has opened the door to a stranger. Anyway, it’d be worthwhile to see some fresh faces. In fact,” suddenly filled with my mother’s authority and my father’s whole-heartedness I introduced myself, “my name is Dougey Clarkeson the third, and I would have it no other way.” “Oh cant we dad?” His son was a gem, nice-looking and shimmering. “You mean, the Clarkeson’s — u mean that large house on the hill?” I may as well have been that childhood king and that guy may as well have been a meager peasant, this guy may as well have bowed instead of blushing. “Well, we close up shop around six, how about around 7:30 then?” “Great, I’ll send a car around.” Cecilia was beside herself, moving a hundred miles an hour, arranging flowers and polishing the dining room table. anything was sprayed with perfumes that invoked conversation, it was as if my parents weren’t dead and were about to entertain royalty like back in the old days. Webster made a great meal and prepared the finest wines. And left to fetch the dinner guests. And when the clock chimed one time to signify the three-quarter hour that lad arrived in the door to the study, “Mister Santoro and his son have arrived.” Dinner was had and light conversation about this and that occurred only for the more worthy part of an hour. The 3 of us withdrew into the smoking room. The fire had been lit in here and it had become almost unbearably warm. young William, unaccustomed to drinking very much wine had helped himself to a pair too many glasses of the expensive year and sat in a daze on the long couch admiring the room. “I’m sorry, I don’t think I caught your name, Mr. Santoro.” “Oh, sorry, i am Justin and this is William — or Willy.” “I’m so happy u could come.” “Would you like some coffee with your cigars, sirs,” Webster said from the corner of the room. “That would be wonderful. Could u go make some and leave us some time to talk in private.” He left, i would hoped not to insult him but I truly wanted to be alone with my glamorous prizes of the day. How awful, I thought, the wine seemed to have made me see those people as no more than purchases I’d made like the flowers that lined the mantle in this room or the pastries we’d had for desert — or the chocolates — “Would u like some chocolates gentlemen?” Willy stood up and sauntered over to the table. I chuckled noticing how obvious the son’s drunkenness had become. Justin scowled at the boy, obviously the father was embarrassed. “Don’t be confused Justin, your lad is delightful. I think this chab has your good looks and blameless charm.” “Well that boy is fourteen, that guy should a bit greater quantity amazing than to swallow greater amount than he’s able to hold.” “It’s exciting for him to be here.” I then turned to the youthful stud (who was younger than I had indeed thought) and said, “Do you like this place?” “Oh yes,” this boy told coming near me. “I’ve seen this house my whole life and wondered what it was like on the inside. i’m so cheerful to be here.” “Come here,” his father said, with a swift change in his mood, suddenly becoming greater amount a doting father rather than a brother like that boy said he sometimes felt. The lad went over and was pulled onto his father’s lap in the chair. They the one and the other smiled a little strangely when they looked at me, I only smiled back and now sensed a thickening in the air. The coffee was brought in and served. Wine, water, and now coffee had been swallowed throughout the evening. I wasn’t surprised when Willie couldn’t hold it anymore and asked, “I need to go to the baths. I was wondering where it was.” “Oh I’ll take you, the nicer one is upstairs. Come on — I’ll show you.” I grabbed him by the hand and left the father in the chair. We had to go the upstairs washroom just so I could show the boy some of the things in the house that would make a lad acquire horny. Statues and paintings and gorgeous rooms. this chab was wonder struck. lastly we reached the master bathroom’s entrance from the hallway. It was a room without doors, but a strange curve instead that prevented people from seeing in. The way the room was situated in the building it likewise had a near soundproof sealing sentiment. I led the chap in and told him I needed to check myself in the mirror. I receive to admit, the cigars had a near drugging effect on me. The boy was drunk and I was lost in the whirlwind of entertaining him. He stood with his back to me, standing over the biffy with a bit of a sway in his stature. He lowered his panties right to the floor and his underwear slid slowly afterward. His creamy-skinned legs were widen. through the mirror I had never seen everything so beautiful, so fantastic and enjoyable. this chap wore a cotton shirt that covered his childish bum, and I could tell this chab was trying so hard to be a man. “I can not pee with you staring at me like that,” he told out of turning around. “I wasn’t — I was not staring.” I said, shocked. Then this chab turned around and showed me that this chap was hard, and yet small and gorgeous. I was unable to swallow, and not quite choked. I blushed. This is exactly what i would wanted, I licked my lips and tasted the lingering stain of the cigar his father had sold me. His father — the stud in the smoking room downstairs. Suddenly I was on my knees, “You’re nice-looking. I was so obviously staring at him by now. He was smiling. His five inches was an equal distance from my face. I wanted to reach out and touch him. I reached up instead and began unbuttoning his shirt. That thickening in the air I had sensed earlier had returned and it was so thick I could hardly move. finally I saw his young body before, so pure and — not muscular — but slightly bulky and his chest appeared to be to shudder with each pounding assault of his youthful heart. I had not even touched is flesh and I imagined it to be supreme to mine. Suddenly, “I wondered what was taking you so long.” I stood so fast I felt i would left the ground and went throughout the ceiling and come back the floor only to be assaulted by an angry father’s fists. I was sure i would invited those people into the house and now they were going to storm out, rally the mobs in the streets and then tear my family down brick by brick, burning my in the street. “Sorry — I mean, this chab — I — I mean I do not know what I was doing.” “I could not pee dad.” “That’s all right. Was our recent ally here going to assist you?” “I think that lad was nervous to help.” What was all this cuddling and soft talking? I did not understand, why wasn’t I being pelted with realistic hate and disgust. — aid him? There was a silence. They smiled at me, and the father reached out. “Do you crave to touch my son,” that guy asked rather politely. “He is very beautiful.” “I know.” ” … Like you.” The father blushed. Suddenly the guy was unbuttoning my shirt, as gently as I had unbuttoned his. that lad was so ravishing and tender with each move this chab made, and his little hands discovered my stomach and rubbed it. I nearly fainted it felt so young and small and virginal. this chap found my nipps and gently rubbed ’em till they were alive with sensations that sent electricity throughout every part of my body. this lad pulled my shirt out of my panties and began undressing me. Surely he’d discover my erection there, and it was so hard and hoping to be touched. Suddenly Justin had his shirt off and his lips pressed against mine. this boy smelled of the cigars too, such a potent aroma I wanted to suck out of him every particle of it. Excitedly I felt juvenile lips engulf on the tip of my giant cock, I wanted to push it into him until the little boy cried. But then he moved and began sucking gently on my balls. It felt so good, so delicate and thrilling. His father was so masculine. I could suddenly smell his armpits and I buried my nose in there, pulling all of the smell out in biggest hauls of delicious odor. His neck bore the traces of smth that smelled like a day of work, it smelled of soap and light aftercare. i would become passionate and enchanted by this exciting pursuit for ecstasy from their bodies. “Boy,” the father said, “do u have to pee still?” “Do I?” I almost shouted, “Pee on me juvenile stud. I desire to smack it, piss in my mouth.” I knelt and began engulfing on the boy’s youthful shlong. I could hear the boy moaning and his father was chanting, “Suck my boy’s cock, you like my son’s little guy cock?” Then this chab was telling his son, “Piss in him, fill him with your charming guy piss.” Suddenly, the candy that was his boyhood spilled all the juices that had been held in it. It was so hawt and salty. It hit the back of face hole with a potency and I shuddered to swallow, so I let it spill all over my face and onto the neck and down my chest. I wreaked very in a short time of the lad piss, and I was in heaven. I had at no time tasted anything like it. “It smells so good,” I said. “You like that so much I crave u to eat my booty –” the father commanded and I obeyed. I ran my hawt tongue along the acidic crease of his dude gap and savored the taste of his hot little fuck-hole. “Ah yah, man, suck the shit out of my wazoo. smack my shit? you like that shit?” And I did. I could taste the most vile product of our natural existence. I had not at any time had more delicious treats in my face aperture than the potent and disgusting gaseous farts that Justin Santoro poked into my face hole. “Now i am plan to void urine on you, you little raunchy boy-fucker.” He commanded me to suck his son’s little boy dong while that guy voided urine first on the writhing pale body. this guy stood over us like humiliation, and his huge seven and half inches of strong muscle spewed the alluring elixir of life. It sprayed in my face, all over my head and made stink like ugliness. Suddenly the chap started to receive lascivious and moaned and then pushed on my hungry head until finally a burst of fascinating boy-cum discharged into my mouth, filling me a shuddering deliverance into the hands of the sins I had committed. I sat on my knees and jerked myself. I felt so dirty, I felt finally human. Justin came up and pushed his wang in my face and I licked the balls and smelled the musk in the creases beside the balls. The sweat of the day had collected there and was rejuvenated by the stench of the hot man piss. I allowed myself to make water all over myself, it splashed onto the balls and anus of the stud I sucked on. this guy groaned and got ready to shoot his when I finally put my face in the aim of it and took the full load of sexy cum in my face. The lad wanted my cum so this chab sucked on my wang until lastly I came all inside him and this chab swallowed it. Licking his lips. I took a deep breath through my nose and pulled the guy against me — i would not ever felt more alive. Come spring they moved in.
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