Road Trip Story

I’m driving down this deserted road in Texas. Fucking middle of nowhere, thinking how slutty I feel and needing to get-off real bad. i’m shirtless and real sweaty. I unbutton my jeans with my right hand and begin to rub my rod pouch. I pull my dickmeat out from the side of my schlong and peel back my hood to reveal six days of ripe headcheese. I smear some crud on my finger and poke it up my nose. The pick-up truck i am travelling in is so fucking hot, since the air-conditioning broke, that the stink from my crotch and pits hits my nose like a curled fist and makes my head reel. I watch a sign indicating a rest area a mile ahead, and think, I gotta stop and jack off my cheesy, dongmeat. As I approach the spot I see a single, parked pick-up. I pull up alongside it and acquire out. No-one in the truck, no-one in the area. As deserted as the road. Set back into the dense woods and out-of-sight from the road sat what looked like a concrete shithouse. I figure the driver of the other pick-up is inside, so I wander up the path rubbing my packed, sweat-soaked pouch. Slowly, I walk into the cinder-block wc. As I enter, the rank smell fills my nostrils and I instantly spring a woody. The place stinks of piddle and shit and manraunch. I see this boy str8 away, sitting on the crapper, jeans and underwear around his ankles. The stud’s wearing messy work-boots and a one time white tee shirt, now showing-off big, yellow sweat stains under the armpits. The shithouse contains this single, door-less stall and a urinal to the left of it. there is likewise windows on the side walls . The erect stall partition closest to the urinal has a large hole cut out of it. large enough, I think, to shove a large, shaggy manbutt through. From the sweat stains and brown, crusty smears surrounding the gloryhole, it looks like a whole lot of shitholes were rimmed and eaten throughout that opening. i’m wishing I were here on ‘opening night’. That need to have been fucking hot. I stand by the urinal and haul out my stiff, perspired cockpole. I can see the stud on the latrine looking through the aperture at my dickmeat. It’s sticking straight out and I pull back my hood to show him my creamy, rank cockhead. I hear him whistle underneath his breath and I know i have hit paydirt. I walk from the urinal to face him as this chab leans back on the latrine and raises his tee-shirt up above his pecs to pinch his bushy nipples. He’s darkly attractive with thick eyebrows and a fucking hot goatee. A little mean-looking, in spite of his large brown eyes. Just my fucking type, I’m thinking. After checking out his face and hot, shaggy torso I look downwards and catch sight of his dirty, skanky underclothing nestled inside his jeans. My mouth goes dry and my heart beats quicker. His Fruit of the Looms look more like Fruit of the Manhole. They’re stained yellow with plenty of thick brown skidJacobs for wonderful measure. he must have been wearing ’em at least a week. this guy sees me staring at his rank underpants and says, ‘Yeah, they’re beautiful messy, stud. Ran into a sexy piss-pig the other night and this guy asked me to drain my hose str8 into my briefs during the time that that guy sucked out my piss, str8 throughout the fabric. swallowed an whole bladder’s worth of fermented beer like the void urine thirsty pig this guy was. Looks like my shitty underwear interest you’. ‘Fucking right they do, buddy’, I say. ‘Especially those fucking thick shit stains. Mind if I sniff ’em out?’ ‘Be my guest, pal’, that guy replies. I sink to my knees in front of this sexy stud; my hooded jock sticking out the side of my cum and void urine stained 10-pounder and I bury my face into his man-stinking underclothes. I engulf on the yellow stains and lap at the skidJacobs like a hungry dog, running my tongue along the ripe, brown, shit-caked material . I spit a massive hawker onto the 3-inch wide skidJacobs, moistening the dried shit stuck to his stink-briefs in order to dislodge some of his tasty, stale turd stains. As i’m sucking his filthy briefs into my face hole i’m inhaling the stink rising from betwixt his hairy thighs, his crotch and the contents of the throne-room bowl. that guy had definitely taken an outstanding steaming dump previous to I arrived in this roadside stink-house ’cause the stall was mellow with his farts and manturds. He presses his hips together, locking my face inside his stinking man briefs. I fucking love the raunch of it, oinking like a true toiletpig. I raise my hands up to his furry belly and rub it, then move ’em higher to his hirsute teats and start twisting and pinching them. I hear him moan and I can tell he is pulling off his tee- shirt to give me full access to his fucking, hot, furry chest. I run the palms of my hands below his stinking sweaty pits and coat them in his rank, damp, pig sweat. Then I rub my hands over his goatee and this chab pulls the one and the other of ’em into his mouth and begins licking and sucking his hawt pit stink off my fingers. He relaxes his thighs and I pull my face from his muddy briefs. i am reeling and high from his stink and my lips and tongue are stained with his shit. Then in a flash I go straight for his 8 inch, cut dickmeat. it is so fucking thick and he is wearing a metal cockring. In one swallow I drink his fucking piston and massage his manpole with my mouth. i am sucking his huge 10-pounder and pushing my tongue into his urinate slit, while breathing in the stink from his large hairy balls and his fat, firm manlogs in the shitbowl below. His stinking bull-balls are dangling in front of my eyes and I try to stuff them into my face hole alongside his rock hard pecker. They smell like his shit. But his meat is also fucking thick to allow the one and the other his perspired nuts into my vacuum mouth. he places his hands on either side of my head and face-fucks me for a admirable 10 minutes. i’m sucking and oinking like the shithouse pig I can be, with the right stud. I pull off his shlong and look into his manly face. He smiles and says, ‘Fucking hot, buddy’. I smile back and start to unlace his left work-boot. I remove his foot and press it to my nose. The stink and mansweat are fucking excellent. I start sucking his toes throughout his grimy sock then stick my nose into his work-boot and inhale his rank foot stink. Peeling off his sock I engulf it as that guy leans back on the crapper looking at me and stroking his hard, dripping fuckpole. I ask him if I can have his sock and he says, ‘Sure’. I stuff his stinking, damp sock inside my shlong pouch, mixing his ripe sweaty foot stink with my creamy dick-cheese. I put his sock-less foot into my throat and take up with the tongue between each of his toes, savouring his toe jam and sweat, covering my goatee with his manstink. I tongue bathe his stinking, sweaty foot and face hole fuck his jammy toes until my jaw acquires sore. He pulls me up from my knees and as I stand in front of him this chab brings his face forward to my dripping, hooded 8 inch ramrod. that guy peels back my foreskin, and at first just sniffs the 6 days worth of head cheese covering my schlong. this guy rubs some of it over his lips and shoves a piece of cheese curd up his nose. Then this guy begins licking the creamy crud off my cockhead and I hear him oinking as he does it. that guy licks and savours my jock cheese like merely a true smegma-pig can. he pulls down my hood and nibbles at the foreskin squeezing out some cheese as this chab does this. Then this guy inserts his finger into my sweaty, shaggy shithole, but not before running the side of his hand up and down my damp, hairy butt trench, coating it in my pungent ass-stink. After probing my aperture for a small in number minutes that guy pulls out his finger and brings his hand to his face and intensely sniffs my funky stink from his brown streaked finger as this chab eats away at my mellow headcheese. I nearly blow my load there and then, watching this fucking studpig acquire off on my rank and raunchy fellow aromas. He looks up at me and I know he is in fucking pig heaven. this guy eats away at my meat, deeply inhaling my ball sweat and licking the dry, flaky cum and piss stains covering my dick pouch. I pull my penis out of his throat and watch his spit, mixed with my cheese, drool down into his fucking hot goatee. His chest is covered in sweat, his pec fur matted down, and his pits smell so fucking mellow I cup my hands under his arms and soak them in mansweat. Then I take up with the tongue them. I ask, ‘Buddy can I fuck you?’ ‘Sure pal’, this chab says, ‘but i am kinda smutty back there.’ I say, ‘I’ve wanted to fuck smutty with the right boy for a long time and I think that time is now.’ ‘Then go for it, bud’, this chab answers. He receives off the throne-room and turns his back to me facing the rear wall. Positioning his legs on either side of the shitbowl this chab stretches out his arms and presses his hands against the wall. His ass sticks out high and inviting. I stand back and drool over his manbutt. Firm and perspired with a coating of hair over the cheeks and a deep furry trench, stained brown. I can’t make no doubt of how hot this fucker is and how much I wish him. I take out a bottle of poppers from my pocket and breath in a double hit, then pass the bottle to him. I pull his crack apart with my hands and lean forward to sniff its thick brown coating. My head is reeling from the poppers and I’m hungry with raunch longing. I cram my nose into his shithole and am surprised by the smell. it’s not revolting at all. In fact it’s fucking intoxicating. Rich and ripe and definitely, fucking manly. I take another hit of poppers and dig my tongue unfathomable inside his brown, wet crapper. He squirms on my tongue and grinds his juicy crack into my face, Jacobing my goatee with his gazoo juices. ‘Fuck me’, this chab growls. I line my dripping, hooded tool up against his hot, sweaty dark hole and in one lunge, poke my whole 8 inches inside his steamy, warm rectum. He moans and takes a hit of poppers. ‘Now fuck my stinking, muddy shithole real good, pal’, he orders me. I hold onto his waist, and with my inflexible fuckpole buried deep inside his ass sludge I begin ploughing his ass. In and out, in and out, in and out, I ride this stud’s backdoor like a fucking wild west cowboy. As I fuck him, I inhale his manstink and the shit odours from the bowl. I bow forward and lick the oozing sweat from his back during the time that my fingers play with his nipples, pinching and pulling them. I look down at my dong as it penetrates his furry, juicy pighole. Nearly pulling it out then slamming it back in. I watch my shit streaked dick rape his tight, fuckhole and get high on the stink we’re both making. I can feel my weenie shit-stabbing one of his turds buried high inside his log cavern. he pulls my sweaty fingers off his teats and slips them under his hair moist pits, then sucks them into his mouth, licking and slurping his pit stink from my fingers. I reach down and begin jerking his rock hard thick dick as I continue to give his shithole a pounding. Plowing his craphole and jacking him off at the same time drives us one as well as the other close to the edge. this guy stands upright and takes over beating his muddy meat as I grab him by the hips and fuck him one final thrust. My cheesy, shitcovered cock explodes inside his shit lined anus as his meat shoots its load against the wall. I remain still and let my dickmeat spasm its sperm unfathomable into his bowels. We stand there motionless with my arm holding him close to me, my left hand clasping his hirsute pec and my right rubbing his sexy, furry belly. We’re one as well as the other breathing heavily, like u do only after a fucking hot, dirty raunch session. Then the silence is broken by the man slurping his creamy ramrod juice off his hand. Fuck, I think, I want some dude milk too, and with that thought, pull my dripping, shit smeared pecker from his hungry hole and sink to my knees and bury my face in his bushy stinking gazoo crack. I widen his trench and suck out my semen and his a-hole slop from his raw, dripping, fuckhole. His pig moans encourage me to excess and I suck out each drop. With my mouth filled with cum and wazoo slime I acquire up and turn the fellow around to face me. His face hole locks onto mine and I feel his cum-coated lips engulf my face. I feel his tongue explore my lips and throat for its ripe, rich mixture of manspunk, shit and arse stink. We kiss lengthy and hard as every of us fingers the other’s rank-stinking shithole. After playing with my sweaty, hairy, turd chute that guy brings his finger to his nose and smells it. ‘That was fucking hot, pal. What’s your name?’ ‘Austin’ I reply, ‘and yours?’ ‘I’m Jacob’, this guy says, ‘pleasure to meet you’. With the formalities over, he shoves his ribald finger into my face hole. I greedily take up with the tongue my butt slime from his finger as Jacob’s other hand collects some of my pit juice which that guy rubs into his goatee. he picks up his grimy tee-shirt from the shithouse floor and wipes off some of the shit and cum from my knob with it. Then he pulls it over his head. ‘Something to remember u by’, Jacob tells me. ‘Fuck buddy what about me? Can I have your phone number. i am going to be in the area for a whilst. Be hawt if we could hook up again.’ ‘That’s kewl with me, pal.’ Jacob and I walk out to his truck where he writes his number on a scrap of paper for me. i’m sure plan to phone this hot fucker for some other raunch scene previous to I leave Texas.
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