My first sin

When Dominik suggested that we spend spring break in Canada I had visions of Ottawa, hot tight tan boys filled with liquor and lacking in morals, straight college boys desperate to get their cocks sucked by anyone able to do so. The fact that Dominik suggested doing so was proof that he was coming around to my way of thinking. We’ve been lovers now for almost a month and for three of those weeks I’ve wanted a more open relationship. I’ve begged Dominik to agree to three-ways and orgies but he’s insisted that it was either monogamy or nothing. Of course I agreed to monogamy and then made a regular thing of sneaking into the campus glory holes for a quickie every day. I made reservations for Ottawa and only found out later that Dominik had made arrangements at some China reservation in northern Canada. The school’s Catholic Center was sponsoring a retreat/service project for those who wanted to make better use of their spring break,Dominik was going. We had a big fight and he threatened me that if I went to Ottawa and spent the week indulging in every sin known to mankind that when I got home I could find myself a new lover. I called his bluff and went anyway. To my credit I didn’t break every commandment while I was down there but I sure blew the hell out of some of them. When I got back I bee-lined straight to Dominik’s dorm room to report extensively about all the fun that he’d missed. I told him about the stud from Ohio State who boned me in the surf on the beach, and the straight boy from Rutgers who brought me up to his room so his girlfriend could see that it was possible to deep-throat his nine-inch tool, and the virgin freshman from Ohio State who got so wasted that he didn’t mind when three of us gang-banged him in my hotel room. Through each story Dominik showed no emotion,no arousal, no anger, nothing. After spending forty minutes telling him of my escapades I suggested that it was time for me to give him a post-vacation welcome home fuck and I started to undress. “It’s over Bart. I wasn’t sure until right now but it’s over.” Then he picked up he phone and called Father Ray at the Catholic Center and told him that he was definite about the decision to go ahead. “What decision? What are you up to?” “In May I’m going on a solitude retreat into the mountains in Oregon to begin my life with God.” “What?” “Two of us who were in Canada felt moved upon to go into the Priesthood. Father Ray and Father Jason and Brother Thomas agreed to take us with them and a few other guys when they go on their trip of self-denial and meditation to a Franciscan retreat in Oregon. Some time after that I’ll take my vows and join the priesthood.” “You mean the whole celibate thing and everything?” “And everything.” “Well shit, we’d better make the most of the next two months if you’re going into cold storage after that.” I dropped my pants so he could get started enjoying his last two months of pleasure. “I’ve given sex up for lent. In fact I’ve given it up for life.” “Why?” “Listen to what you said earlier. You’re a walking advertisement for the destructiveness of sin. A whole week of your life and all that you could accomplish was an endless stream of orgasms. You don’t worship God, the only thing you worship is your erection. Well if that’s what you believe in then go find a church and a boyfriend who feels like you do.” “Come on, there aren’t churches that worship the cock, are there?” I asked because I was real intrigued with the prospect. “You’re sick. I’m sure that if you got on the Internet you could find just about any kind of church you want. Good luck with your life Bart, I’ll pray for you.” I left Dominik alone for a few days to consider his decision. Stupid decisions like celibacy usually just need a little time to crumble. In the meantime I found out that indeed there are churches that worship the cock and one of them has a “temple” not far from the university. As I e-mailed back and forth with the priest of that church I got excited that there was actually a church that believes in the same things that I do. When lent was over I went back to Dominik’s room expecting to find him desperate for some good lovin’ but instead he invited me to a church social and assured me that he did still love me even though we’d never again have sex. Now I suppose the smart thing to do was to walk away from Dominik and find some other hottie to take his place but its not quite that easy. First of all I really do like Dominik, even out of bed. And second Dominik is one of the hottest men I know. In some ways Dominik absolutely should go into the priesthood. He’s got the perfect temperament, a total softie with a heart as big as all outdoors. In addition he’s got the face of a priest, concerned, innocent with a huge toothy smile that can brighten up the drabbest days. But on the other hand it would be a monumental tragedy if he ever does go into the priesthood. For one thing he’s got a nine-inch cock that curves up so that when he’s hard it points at his face. It’s the perfect cock for 69’ing since it bends perfectly to slide down your throat. The bend also makes fucking great because the knob is always scraping along the top of the ass tunnel thus stimulating the ass lining even more. He also has a phenomenal body that he devotes a lot of effort to. That fact baffles me. If he genuinely intends on being celibate then why does he give a fuck what his body looks like? Dominik’s chest rack is so pronounced that you could almost use the top of his pecs as a shelf. And his abs are every bit as good as his pecs. After sex I used to lay at an angle to him so I could put my head on those incredible abs,no finer pillow has ever been invented. And then there are the bi-ceps. Being clutched inside his big arms was the perfect way to say welcome home. I was desperate not to lose him. I knocked nervously on his door. “Hi Dominik, can I come in?” “Yeah, sure.” I leaned forward to kiss him, he gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “I miss you,” I admitted. “I miss you too.” “Then let’s get back together, we were so perfect.” “Bart I want to be your friend, but I’m through having sex.” “C’mon, let’s just do it tonight and if you still feel the same way in the morning then we’ll talk about it some more.” “Look I’m right in the middle of writing a paper so you probably should leave.” “Okay, but…okay here goes. Dominik let’s get out of the dorms and move in together and be like boyfriends, and I’ll be faithful and all…” It was absolutely the greatest sacrifice I could ever make and as I said it I wondered if I genuinely could actually live up to the promise. “First of all I want you to know how much I appreciate that. I know that you love playing around more than anything, and for you to offer to give that up,I’m real flattered. But my going into the priesthood is not about trying to get you to be monogamous, its something I need to do for me.” “But you are…you’ve got all your life ahead of you. You can’t live without sex. Dude that dick of yours is made for fucking.” “Not anymore, but thanks for asking.” I was desperate. I went to my e-mail friend from the cock-worshipping church and explained my problem. “I’ll do anything, I mean anything. I’ll sleep with the Pope, I’ll sell my soul to the devil…I need to feel him fuck me again.” “In this temple we worship Priapus and we worship the cock.” “What’s Priapus?” “He’s the Greek God who’s the giver of life. We worship him because he is what endows us with life and wisdom.” “Are you serious?” “Absolutely. Come downstairs into the temple.” I followed him down the stairs. There was a large room, at the opposite end was an altar with cups and candles and other stuff on it. Around the room were statues and stuff of cocks. The place was arousing in a strange sort of way. “Take your clothes off,” he directed as he took off his own clothes. “Well that’s not exactly why I came here.” “Isn’t it? You want help from the God Priapus to get your boyfriend back, right?” “Yes.” “Then take your clothes off.” The Reverend looked damn good without clothes on. He was in his early forties and had a hard body. “You stay in good shape.” “It’s a religious thing for me. I do honor to Priapus by getting laid often. The better I look the more often I can praise him by sliding my dick inside some guy’s hot ass.” “Like mine?” “Absolutely.” He leaned back against the altar and pushed me down to my knees. “Worship my cock.” “Are you serious?” “All cocks are sacred, all of them bring us closer to the power of Priapus. Kiss my meat.” I pressed my lips against his now erect stick and immediately my own cock came to total hardness. “Now pray. Pour your heart out to him for what you want.” “Pray to a dick?” “People pray to statues of saints, and kiss the ring of the Pope and all and no one thinks it odd. The dick is a saint and as you pray to it it’s the same as talking to Priapus, and by the way it’s also a hell of a lot more fun than praying to a plaster statue.” I rested my forehead against the reverend’s prick and prayed (something I’ve never done much before, I was never religious. “Priapus I don’t know shit about you but the Reverend here says that you have power. My boyfriend says he’s through having sex. I need him, I need to be fucked by him. Help me get him back, and if you can swing it let him understand that I’m just not capable of being faithful. You know what I’m like, I try hard but if some hot stud wants it I can’t say no. Help Dominik understand that. If you can arrange for me to get Dominik back and also to make it so I can cheat on him and not piss him off I’ll worship you forever and use my cock to bring guys to you. Amen.” The Reverend pulled me to my feet and then got on his knees. He kissed my meat and then licked around the circumcision scar. “Hail almighty Priapus,” he started as he rested his nose on my dick. “Another young man has liberated himself from guilt and repression by recognizing that the penis is the center of joy and celebrating the majesty of every cock. Help Bart find his happiness through responsible promiscuity. We know that we owe all of our pleasure to you and the mere fact that you allow us to fuck is deserving of our everlasting gratitude, but now we have a further favor to ask. Help us to find the path to Dominik’s heart so that between us and you we can fill his heart with such incredible lust that he will have to have Bart back. Bring these two boys together through a bond of lust and desire. Teach Dominik to adore his cock and to run from any thought of surrendering his natural desire to fuck, to masturbate, to suck, to love his prick and treat it as the holy relic that it is. Priapus as we now consummate Bart’s conversion to you give him greater joy in sex and in life than he has ever known.” The Reverend pulled a condom on over his meat, bent me over the altar, and filled my butthole with his holy icon. The man was a truly awesome fuck. He sped up, he slowed down, he rolled his cock around inside my ass massaging everything, and all the while he rubbed my back and cheeks. For twenty minutes he just kept fucking and fucking, my ass was exhausted but not in a bad way,it was like I was satiated, not worn out. When he reached under me and grabbed my nipples I did something I’d never done before, I blew my load without ever touching my meat. The juice spilled all down the sides of his altar. After forever the Reverend pulled his cock out, ripped off the rubber, turned me around and stuck his cock into my mouth. “Enjoy the holy sacrament of our Lord, Priapus.” I kept my mouth tightly around his cock so I wouldn’t miss a drop. It tasted like cum but somehow it was sweeter too. We sat next to the altar and talked about what I should do next. He told me that he knew of one of the Catholic leaders, Brother Thomas, who was definitely gay and not above violating his vow of chastity. He also told me that there were an unusually large number of gay men among the priests and would-be priests that could be probed for assistance,otherwise I would just need to rely on Priapus’ help. I started hanging out a lot at the university’s Catholic Center. I got to know Brother Thomas. Thomas is in his late twenties and is not bad looking. I could tell that beneath his robes was a good sized piece of meat that any smart Catholic would be proud to eat on Friday or any other day. By the third or fourth day he and I had become close. I invited him to go with me on a date and he turned me down. I changed my terminology and invited him to go hang out at the movies with me and he said okay. I deliberately chose a long move that didn’t end until almost one AM. We went out for ice cream at Denny’s and he kept pushing me to take him home because he was out way too late. I told him we had to stop by my apartment for a second to pick something up. Once we got inside I stripped of my shirt so he could see my six-pack abs and chiseled pecs. Then I pulled down my shorts (I don’t wear underwear). “What are you doing?” “I’ve never been so horny in my life. God you turn me on and I need you to fuck me.” “I’m a brother in the church. I’ve taken vows.” “Nobody will know,” I said as I moved in on him. I felt his crotch, his cock was big and it was getting hard. “Get thee behind me Satan.” “I’m not Satan, just a horny boy; just like you.” I put my hand down his pants, he did nothing to stop me. As I undid his fly he kept saying, “don’t”, “stop it,” “no,” but again did nothing to stop me. Close to ten hard inches flopped out when I pushed down his briefs. I knelt down and licked his dick knob. “Thank you Priapus,” I whispered before deep-throating his meat the first time down. We went into my bedroom and he got nude, and I got busy. He lay down on the bed and I climbed between his thighs. I pushed his cock out of the way and went after his big balls. By the time I got my mouth around his egg-sized cum factories all resistance was gone. “Eat my fucking nuts,” he demanded. I gave his balls an incredible bath. Once they were dripping with saliva he pulled his legs up so I could work my way down from his crotch. I learned a long time ago that the little bridge of muscle between the balls and the ass is incredibly sensitive, in Thomas it was more than most. I had him moaning, cussing, calling to God, he was very verbal. I’d barely gotten my tongue inside his ass and was licking all around when he stood up. “I gotta fuck you.” “Okay, let me get your cock wet.” I put his rod back in my mouth and was just starting to slick it up when he grabbed me and threw me onto the bed. “I said I gotta fuck you right now.” “Let me get some lube.” “Fuck the lube. If you’re gonna act like a dirty little boy then guys are going to treat you like one.” He pushed my legs back, slid between them, and it on quick push loaded my porthole with nearly ten inches of hard manflesh. I’ve got plenty of experience at getting fucked but this hurt, at first. Thomas’s hands were all over my chest until he centered on my nipples. He was pulling hard on my tits and fucking like a raging bull. It was almost like he was going to make me pay for his sin. Something I learned the first time I got fucked was that the pain can stay pain if you fight it, but if you focus on it, wallow in it, go with it then it stops being pain and becomes sensation, and from there it moves to your body being completely alive and sensitive to every action being done to it. If Thomas was trying to punish me for seducing him it wasn’t working, his ten inches had awakened every nerve in my system and I loved feeling so energized. “You love that dick don’t you,” he said as he rammed it into me. “Yes.” “You crave me pounding your ass raw don’t you bitch?” “Yes, yes,” I answered. It was so weird, he was a Catholic minister and yet he was talking like a street thug. “I fucking worship your dick.” “That’s right, my dick is god isn’t it?” This was too strange. My first fuck after dedicating myself to this Priapus guy and I was hearing Priapus being taught from an official in the Catholic Church. Maybe Priapus owned fucking with every one. Maybe all sex is a ritual to Priapus and so we’re all cock worshippers. I didn’t care one way or the other, all that Rayered to me is that I was getting royally sodomized and couldn’t be happier. Thomas didn’t last as long as the Reverend but being that he was bigger he wore down my ass faster. For the second fuck in a row my ass reached complete exhaustion, and I loved it. I expected Thomas to leave after he’d loaded my butthole with jizz, but he didn’t. He stretched across my bed and insisted that my tongue needed to lick every inch of his flesh. I sucked on each toe, then licked between each of them. My tongue ran all over the bottom of his feet before I moistened down the hairs on both ankles, calves and thighs. I swallowed his cock while I fingered his balls. I was going to go back and salivate all over his scrotum but he wouldn’t let me. Every time I tried to pull off his meat he put his hand on my head and stopped me. His huge cock was fun to take into my throat but the real prize was his enormous mushroom knob. I worked and worked that big thing turning it from flesh colored to light pink to red. I sucked hard and harder on it until Thomas started moaning and rolling around even more. A second later Old Faithful blew and I got to drink another sacramental offering from Priapus. I tried to get Thomas to speak to Dominik and convince him not to join the priesthood but he just got pissed that I was trying to “use” him that way. One little bit of assistance that Thomas did provide me though was not once but three times he yelled out the name “Joel,” when he was cumming. I didn’t know for sure but it looked awful damn likely that somebody named Joel had also enjoyed the pleasure of Thomas’s mammoth cock,perhaps Joel was the person I needed to get through to Dominik. Joel was easy to find,he was a pretty little freshman who somehow had convinced himself that someday he was going to be a priest. Brother Thomas’s use of his butt should have been evidence enough that he was not the law of chastity type. One night we were at a church get together. I watched Joel closely for an opportunity to make my move on him and also watched Dominik carefully so that he wouldn’t see me using the church activity as a chance to get laid. There are two sets of bathrooms in the Catholic Center,one that’s full-sized and one that is a one-roomed stall just for the handicapped. The handicapped one is all the way on the other side of the building. When Joel went into that bathroom I knew how I was going to get him. He didn’t even lock the door and I barged in just as he was finishing pissing. “This bathroom’s for the handicapped.” “I know, but I was over here looking for the janitor’s closet and I had to piss so I…” “Just the same you should be handicapped to come in here,” I said as I locked the door. “But then after I get through fucking you you’ll walk like you are handicapped so it’ll be okay.” “Uh, no. I mean…” “Don’t say anything, just suck my cock,” I demanded as I pulled it out. “But this is a church.” “And I’m gonna teach you a new way to worship.” Once I pulled off my shirt and he saw my six-pack abs he was hooked. I let him lick out my armpits, suck on my scrotum, rim my butt and then deep-throat me (Brother Thomas had taught him well). But the highlight of the event was when my meat punched through his teenage sphincter and into the tender grip of his velvet ass lining. He was bent over holding the sink and was behind him pounding him hard and trying to keep him from moaning too loud. While I pumped his ass I pumped him for information. He barely even knew who Dominik was, he certainly had no influence with him. Much as I would have liked to have fucked him for a long time I worried that Dominik or others might come looking for me so I emptied my load into the end of my condom, pulled out of his ass, and sent the condom to its eternal reward down in the toilet. I was about to leave when I remembered my new religion. I sunk to my knees in front of Joel and kissed his meat “Thank you God of fuck and pleasure for giving me a cock and this boy an ass. I worship you, I praise you, and I still really hope you can help me get Dominik back,” I whispered. Joel was looking at me wondering what I was doing and so I started sucking him off (I mean what else would I be getting ready to do being on my knees in front of a guy with my lips on his dick?). Like most eighteen year olds he had no staying power. I was drinking cum in barely over a minute of intense sucking. In some ways everything was going a lot better because I was getting laid a lot (the reverend at the Priapus church let me be the temple prostitute during one mass,it was fun because the temple whore has to service all comers,I had eight guys worship my cock), but I wasn’t fucking the one guy who I wanted most. I hung around the Catholic Center a lot just hoping that I’d catch Dominik at a weak moment. It was Father Ray though who finally offered me a light at the end of my tunnel relative to Dominik. “Bart I have received confessions from one of the brothers here and from one of my parishioners that you seduced them. You know that all are welcome at church but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let you work your way through all my parishioners. If I find out…” “Father I’m not trying to fuck your entire church, I sweat. All I’m interested in is one huy.” “Who?” “Dominik was my lover and now…” “So you’re Dominik’s ex-boyfriend. He never told me it was you.” “What did he say?” “Well suffice it to say that he has not had an easy time keeping his distance from you.” “Really. He said that?” “Essentially.” “Well then why doesn’t he,Father I swear I’ll never fuck another one of your people if you’ll just tell him to hook back up with me. You know that he’s not going to make it as a priest” “I can’t tell him how to live or what to do; but I do agree with you that it would be very surprising if he actually successfully lived as a priest.” “Father tell him that.” “No, but I will do the next best thing, but you have to promise to stop using this church as your own personal single’s bar.” “I promise. So what are you going to do?” “You’ll find out, be home Friday night. But remember, whatever he does is his decision and if he still decides to leave you then you need to accept it and move on.” “Okay.” On Friday Dominik showed up at my door. “Father Ray says it’s time I worked some things out once and for all. He said I need to decide once and for all if I want to be a priest or your lover.” “Okay, what should we do?” “He says that if I can sleep with you, I mean sleep, not fuck, for one night and not have sex that maybe my commitment is genuine. And he also said that I have to be naked.” As Dominik stripped he laid down some ground rules. “We’ll sleep together but no touching or stuff unless I agree.” “Oh come on Dominik, a little cuddling or…” “None. You have to promise.” “Okay.” When Dominik pulled off his underwear I went weak in the knees. That cock was so gorgeous. He was half hard and the upward bend in his cock was already noticeable. I was so happy just to have him back. I dropped my robe and went over and kissed him. I put my arms around him and hugged him when he stopped me,”no touching unless I say.” “All right, but I need one exception. There’s something I gotta do which will look sexual but it’s really not.” “What are you going to do?” “Doesn’t Rayer. Just don’t freak out.” I got on my knees and put my lips on his dick. I actually felt like magic or something pass into me from his meat. “Priapus,” I whispered, “you know how much I love you. I’ll continue to love you regardless of what happens tonight, but… Priapus this is the guy I’ve been talking to you about. Please fill his dick with such overwhelming lust that he can’t resist me. If you arrange it so that he has to fuck me I’ll do anything, I’ll…I know. Priapus get him to fuck me and tomorrow I will go down to the park on the west side of town and sit in the stall on the end and the first ten guys who come in, no Rayer what they look like, I’ll let them fuck me. I’ll show them your glory by letting them adore my cock. Priapus tomorrow I will dedicate to you as a holy day and I will make that bathroom your temple and I will be your temple whore. Please, please, please overload this cock that I’m praying to you through with more lust than can be resisted. Show me your power by getting me my boyfriend back. Please.” “What was that all about?” “Don’t worry, I’m just so glad that you’re here.” We got into bed together and I cuddled up close to him. “No,” he commanded. “I think I can resist you.” Then the worst thing that could happen did, he fell asleep. How could I get him to fall if he was asleep? I was about to wake him up when I realized that this was exactly what I needed. My naked ex-boyfriend was asleep in my bed,what better opportunity to get him back than to show him what he’d been missing. I pulled down the covers and stared. Dominik runs track and has the thickest, most cut legs of any man I know. He’s put me in head locks between those thighs and twice I came just because of the feel of all that beef clamped onto me. His body everywhere is just flawless,the strong abs of a working man, not the cut six-pack look of a gym rat like me; huge bi-ceps that can hug you so tight that you feel like he’s gonna pull you inside his body; a small dusting of fur across his wide chest; enormous balls that can produce up to six or seven good loads per night (I know, I’ve put those cum factories into overtime on many occasions) and of course that perfect cock. I just wanted to roll all over his body, touch every inch of his God-like body, but I didn’t dare, yet. My sleeping beauty needed to be awakened doing the hottest fuck imaginable so that it would be too late for him to resist. I lightly ran my tongue over his thick snake. “Priapus I need you to bring his stick to life without waking him up.” As I licked over his piss slit and all around the crown of his circumcised knob my prayer was answered. I grabbed some lube and got him all slicked up and then squatted over his waist. Once I had my ass positioned directly over his piston I came down on it fast. Just like always that upward bend in his cock rubbed the top of my asswall the whole way down. “Damn you Bart, you promised,” Dominik complained. “My promises ain’t worth shit when this is around,” I answered before clamping down my velvet walls around his meat. “Oh fuck,” he moaned as I clamped down on him a couple more times. “You do love it, admit it.” “Of course I love it, I’ve always loved it. It’s just…” “It’s just nothing. Let’s not analyze this, let’s just do it.” I started to ride him fast but he stopped me. “Damn it Dominik, the deed is done. Your cock’s in my asshole, we’re fucking, why stop now?” “Am I wearing a rubber?” “No. I was afraid that it would wake you up if I rolled one on.” Dominik flipped us over so that I was lying on my back. He pulled out of me and reached over to my nightstand and got a rubber. Even clothed in latex he has the most awesome cock around. He laid behind me in a spoons position, clutched me tight against his body, and plundered my hole. “Later on remind me to get really pissed at you for taking advantage of me like this.” “Okay.” I can’t describe to you how awesome the whole thing was. We were in a rhythm the whole time. Every time he started to pull out my ass muscles clamped down tight on him, as if to try and suck his cock back up my asshole. Sometimes he broke up the rhythm by leaving his meat jabbed all the way in or by pumping me with short, choppy strokes, and sometimes by rotating his cock around in my butt so that every inch of my butt channel was being massaged, but once he started stroking it in me we were right back in our rhythm. In much shorter time than I’m used to with Dominik he started moaning loud. “Oh fuck,” he yelled before slamming me hard. He was screaming as he loaded up the end of the rubber with spunk. “What happened, did you lose your staying power?” “Dude I haven’t cum in like forever; be impressed that I lasted that long.” I very carefully unrolled the second skin off of his pole so I wouldn’t lose a drop. He was turned on by me drinking his cum and even more turned on as turned the condom inside out and sucked into my mouth every last drop. “You are such a nasty little boy,” he said grinning. “Save my place here, I gotta go pee.” I rushed into the bathroom behind him. “I want that,” I said as he stood in front of the bowl. “I’ll fuck you again, but I gotta pee first.” “I want your piss.” “You’re not into water sports.” “I’m into anything that comes out of your cock.” So we stepped into the shower and I knelt in front of him and got my first golden shower. I drank some of his piss and it was a little stronger tasting than I expected but the feel of the warm liquid running down my body was awesome. Dominik was totally turned on by it all that he made me get into doggie position and he fucked me right there in the shower. After he popped is load we showered and he sucked me off. Without even toweling off we went dripping wet back to the bed and we 69’d each other into an almost mutual orgasm. Then he lubed up his hand and shoved it into my butt and massaged my prostate. Just around the time it got light outside he stuck a buttplug in me while I stuck my human buttplug in him. Both of us had something up our asses and we each popped one more load. When it was all over and there was no more cum to be shot, I laid with my head on his abs and my fingers stroking his nuts. “I didn’t act very much like someone who’s trying to become a priest did I?” “Dominik tonight was the most awesome night of my life. Isn’t that as good of a sermon as anything you’d do from the pulpit?” “I don’t know, I know I can’t live without doing this. I just will never be able to do the celibacy thing.” “Good.” “But tell me the truth, are you sure that you can remain monogamous?” “Actually I know I can’t.” “Then what the fuck are we doing this for? You said once before that if I came back you’d give up all other guys.” “I can’t do it, just like you can’t be celibate. I don’t want to lie to you and I don’t want to lose you, but I know I’m going to fool around. ” “Then to hell with you, it’s only me or nothing.” “When it comes to my heart there’s no question about that, you own it. But otherwise…” “Don’t you see what an insult it is to me that you won’t be faithful.” “If I was you or Father Ray or someone it would be an insult but with me its not. Love-making I give only to you, I promise, but for me fucking around doesn’t mean anything. For me cheating means falling in love with someone else, and I won’t cheat on you.” “That’s not acceptable.” Dominik got dressed and left. Every sexual part of my body was worn out and I was ready to delay my promise to Priapus of making the park bathroom a temple when I realized that I needed his help more than ever. As soon as it started to get dark I went to the park and really outdid myself. I sucked on twelve cocks, got fucked by seven of them, had my dick sucked six times and fucked twice. I dragged my ass back home at almost one A.M. Dominik was sitting outside my apartment door when I got there. “You’ve been out getting laid haven’t you? Wait, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.” While I was in the shower cleaning off the night’s “worship service” Dominik stepped in naked and wearing a condom. I absolutely, positively did not have any energy left to get fucked. I bowed my head “Priapus one last favor. I’m exhausted but I want to make my man happy, somehow give me some energy.” My jaw and my ass muscles ached the whole time I worked on him but I got Dominik to cum three times (I literally had no more cum left to give), but even more important I got Dominik to come back again, and again, and again.
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