My dream

I’ve had fantasy’s about filling one more mans mouth with my piss but I couldn’t either at no time receive the nerve up to do it or couldn’t discover anyone willing to do it. Then I met Tim. we have been allies for about three years and we’ve played around a pair times when his partner wasn’t home. This one afternoon I went to visit Tim. Our encounters were quiet vanilla, but this guy kept talking about his perverted side. I went over to watch a clip with him. It was a long one and after about a six pack of sodas, I was floating. I got up and he asked me where I was going. I told take a drip. that guy said hold on a minute and walked past me into the dining room. I though he was showing me where the bath was, but I was wrong. he laid on the floor and said fill my face hole and opened wide. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, i have never done everything like that before, but being the type to try anything, I dropped my shorts and got on my knees. It took me a minute to receive started ‘cuz I wasn’t sure he was serious. I let loose into his wide open face hole. It was so sexy to watch and hear my piddle fill his throat to the lips and I stopped as he swallowed it down. i am happy my piddle hard on’s aren’t rock solid because my dick aims straight up. he leaned up after swallowing the first mouth full and took my dong into his throat and I continued to fill his mouth again. he opened his face hole so I could watch it fill up once more and again watched him swallow it down. I still was not finished but that guy knew that I was almost, so that guy pulled me over him and I slip my jock between his lips as he held taut and sucked the final of the void urine out of my penis. Since my shlong was already down his throat, I added my load to my piddle in his stomach. I was totally spent and collapsed on the floor next to him. He got up and knelt beside me and took my softening dong into his throat so I could give him my after cum make water which this guy eagerly gulped down. We finished just in time, his partner pulled up out front and I quickly pulled my shorts on. I left shortly after his partner came home but I’m sure his partner got his after I left ‘cuz I knew that Tim did not get off and was willing for a lengthy session. wet mouth
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