My Delicious Sailor

It’s been almost twenty years, since the time when I was living in Philadelphia. I used to live not too far from a Navel Base there and that allowed me to pick up some handsome sailors from time to time. I remember back then, it was quite easy to pick up nave boys, not like it is nowadays. I believe, most of them were straight, but the time around guys and a bit of effort was enough to get them for a quick and nice blowjob. I remember one day, I was trying to pick up a gorgeous sailor, who was planning on leaving next day, far away to Europe. I met him at the bus step, where he got off after a two day bus trip, from his home town in Wisconsin. The boy was remarkable, good-looking with a fit body, but not very tall. You could see that there was something special in this young gentleman. I bought him lunch and it seemed to me that we were getting along quite well. He also had this feel of a country language and kept calling me ‘mister’ all the time, however, he was only five or six years younger than me. Nevertheless, someone as young as this boy, could feel like it’s a great difference. During our lunch, I noticed that he hasn’t missed any skirt under fifty that was passing by and sometimes, was even grabbing his dick through the pants for a second or two. I decided to ask him about it. ‘Do you feel horny?’ – I asked and looked him in the eyes. ‘Oh, yeah!’ – answered he. ‘I was on the ride in that old bus for two days in a row with nowhere or nobody to jerk me off,’ ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if I give you a blowjob?’ – I questioned him, trying not to be over-persuasive. At the moment I though that it was too straight-forward for him, but then I noticed him touching his rod once again. It was a sign that I got him. Afterwards, we were eating in silence, since both of us were probably thinking about how the things will go on. When we went out of the restaurant he said, ‘Sounds interesting, let’s do it’, and we headed towards my apartment. When we got to my place, I was keeping the door opened for him until he passes by, so I could get a good look at his ass. He was a lucky owner of the nice piece of butt, as well as his whole body was quite good – slim hips and wide shoulders, were creating a beautiful triangle shape. I stopped myself from slapping him right there. After closing the door, I embraced him and started kissing his neck. I felt his smell, this delicious scent that is common for handsome young men. His erected cock was pressed against my body and I knew, he is ready for everything. It’s my thing to blow the guys while they are standing, so I pushed him against my bedroom’s wall, took his pants off and let him stand in his underwear. I put my hands over his butt and pushed his butt cheeks. Afterwards, I’ve bitten his underwear and took it off. At the beginning, I couldn’t believe my eyes. He had one of these big eight inches cocks, being all straight in front of my face like some kind of an exclamation mark. Creamy piece of foreskin over his pecker with a bit of rose and a small drop of pre-cum towards the end. I licked this sweet and delicious nectar and impatiently, but gently peeled his foreskin to see what was underneath this beautiful skin. My nose felt a powerful and exciting scent. What I saw there was a huge accumulation of smelly smegma. I was getting even hornier of that intriguing smell. By the way, by huge accumulation I mean, this guy was a real smegma factory. From what I’ve seen it was more like a high-class Wisconsin cheese that only young and horny boys can produce. I looked at him, but he was quite embarrassed and a bit shocked by the amount of all this smegma that he was able to make during his two days trip. He started to pull his dick away from me. ‘There’s some cheese over there. Let me clean that up, mister’ – said the sailor. Without saying a single word, I pulled the foreskin back as far as I could and my tongue started going all over these delicious fields of cheese treat, revealing the texture and taste of my astonishing desert. The whole cleaning process has probably triggered something in his head and made him even harder and bigger. Tight piece of his foreskin collared right behind his huge head of the dick. ‘I’m about to cum, mister’ – he shouted out. Even before he finished his sentence, good portion of fresh jizz blasted all over my face. I took his dick deep inside of my mouth, tasting him without swallowing all this delicious cum. I started to swallow his fresh and hot juices, when suddenly I felt a powerful jet of his ardent piss. I pushed away for a second, but then quickly got his dick in my mouth, while he was still pissing and drunk his hot offering till the very last drop. When he was finished, he said innocently: ‘Excuse me, mister. It happens to me all the time and girls don’t like it all. I can’t hold my piss after I cum. However, I though if you didn’t mind eating my cheese, you probably wouldn’t mind this too.’ Having a boy that couldn’t control his piss after jizzing before, I believed him and found the whole situation quite interesting. When his dick started to get soft, I took it fully to my mouth trying to get every tiny bit of the mesmerizing cheese that was still left on it. After a shower, he sat on the couch being nude and drunk couple of beers with me, while we were talking. The way he occasionally rubbed his trimmed torso or his enormous dagger was turning me one again and again. Beautiful line of hair from his navel to the pubis, which he was scratching from time to time. One time he even fingered his ass, but instantly stopped when say that I noticed him. He got up and was heading to toilet, but I told him not to. ‘Don’t you want me to give that blowjob that I told you about it?’ – I said him. A smile appeared on his face and he approached me. I got down on my knees for what I had the feeling will be a great experience and unforgettable emotions. I have grabbed his big rod and got excited by feeling incredible texture of his soft skin. It was a pity that there was no more smegma scent anymore, but thoughts that I can give him a real first-class blowjob this time were spicing it up. 21:19:04 His foreskin was covering the whole dick this time, but as I started to play with his dong and manipulate the skin back and forth, it started to become tighter, slowly opening the pinky end. The head of his cocked simply ballooned out of this hood of foreskin. I wish there was some more of his sweet cheese, but there was none left, he was all clean. As the final attempt to find it, I peeled the skin back and ran my tongue all over, trying to find tiny bits. No smegma there, nevertheless, I was granted was some drops of pre-cum, getting out of his hardening pecker. I started to suck his dick as good as I could using all of my skills and techniques. You might now believe me, but his was moaning like no other person before. I started to play and finger with his tight butthole. Firstly, he jumped a bit, but afterwards, moaning continued and he was letting me to play with it again. After some time, I brought the finger to my nose and smelled it. His anus had an amazing scent! Glorious smell of his shithole got me so hard myself that I started to suck him deeply, trying to peel his dick fully off. However, his head of the dick got so plumped that the foreskin was resisting to get off and I sucked him with the hood up his cock. I spit a bit of my finger and started to get deeper in his ass. His dick started to pulse and I understood some delicious cum is about to get out soon. A few moment afterwards, he started saying ‘Oh, mister…’ and by then, I was ready by holding only the top of his cock between my lips. I was feeling his pecker pulsing so hard and finally got a powerful jet of fresh jizz. Sweet cum was filling my mouth. I was holding it for a while, waiting for the taste to change and finally swallowed the whole dosage. Even though, he came, I was still holding his big cock in my mouth until the jet of piss filled me in. Not wishing to miss a smallest drop, I drunk it all, licking his cock all over and finishing wiping it with my tongue. When he was all clean, I looked at his as he was standing with he eyes closed, having a slight smile of satisfaction on his face. He looked like a young man who has reached his first real orgasm. He touched his dick and pinched the hood of his dick a little. Suddenly, he started to scream ‘C’mon, qucik!’. But it was already late and the stream of hot piss rushed all over my face. It was a second urge of pissing. We both laughed and felt wonderful about it. I gave him my clean underwear and decided to keep his as a reminder of this incredible experience. He got dressed, hugged me and said ‘Thank you, mister. It was the most unforgettable and best blowjob that I have ever had’. He left and I have never seen my handsome sailor again.
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