Long Before I Met Aiden

Although I had been drinking pee from Aiden,he was far from the first,my first time goes back to when I was in my early teens. There was an old shed in the back of our yard where I set up my club house,you know,private,just for boys. Terry was my best friend and was to remain so for years. The two of us would meet and pour over the pages of porno books,you know,men fucking woman,them sucking there dicks as well as the guys eating there pussy. Later I found a gay mag at the doctors office where I done odd jobs,I could hardly wait to get to the shed to look at it. Man,they were doing it all with one another,I had never been so turned on in my young life. Terry was supposed to be here any minute,but I was all worked up and had removed my clothes,stroking my cock when he came in. “Hey man,no fair,you started without me.He said,then laughed. In seconds he had all his clothes off also and was setting beside me. “What ya got there babe?”He said. I held the mag so he could see the pictures,two guys were in a sixty nine on one page and the other showed a guy with his cock up the other ones ass. “Holy shit,would you look at those dudes?”Terry gasped.”Hell,hes swallowing the guys cock.” Terrys dick was pressing against my hand as I held the book,it was rock hard,just as mine was. His was longer than mine by a couple pf inches and I had a good six myself.I had always wanted to try sucking it but was afraid of what he might think. We had all ready jacked off one another,and that was neat,but I wanted to move on,having never sucked a dick I was really hot to try it. He took the book out of my hands and was going through the pages,his cock throbbing. I could not control myself,in one move,I had his cock in my mouth,sucking,it seemed as though I knew all the moves,but gagged when it tried entering my throat. “Hey man,maybe you shouldn’t do that,ummm,you know what your doing?”He gasped,as his ass moved down,giving me better acsess to his cock. His hands gripped me by the hair of my head as he whispered,”Man, I never had anything feel so good.” His ass was hunching gently up and down in rythem with my mouth now,I could feel it pulseating,I already knew that was a sign it was going to eject it’s load. Just the thought made me suck even faster as he warned me,”Better move babe,I’m gonna shoot!” I stayed right in there,sucking like mad as his cream filled my mouth. He held my head tightly as I gulped down his smooth silky cream. After the last spurt,he collapsed back,his hard cock still in my mouth,I didn’t want to let it go. Even as it began to go limp,I held it in my mouth,still tasting his cum.”Let it go man,I have to piss.”He said. As he raised up,I held onto his cock setting in front of him. Wha–t you want man,I said I had to piss!” “Please,piss in my mouth will ya Rich,I want ya to.”I begged. “Are you nuts?You really want my piss?” “Yes!Yes!,Please man,do it!”I begged even more. Taking his dick,I placed it in my mouth once more,he relaxed and soon a warm gush of piss filled it.Without any hesitation,I began drinking it down,I wanted every drop. I had tasted my own but never anyone else’s and had always wanted to. After I had the last drops,I licked his cock dry,then stood up wiping my mouth. “You really like that stuff?”He asked. “It was wonderful,I loved it.”I said,smiling. “Well shit man,anytime you want more just say the word.”He said,laughing. We began swapping blow jobs after that,but he would never drink my pee.That was ok with me,as long as he gave me his. After Terry went into the service,I never had the chance to drink pee again for a long time,not until I married and drank my wifes one evening when we had came in from drinking,from that night on,I had all I wanted. Sometimes,when she had dinner fixed,she would hold a glass under her pussy and piss in it,then set it in front of my plate.Needless to say,I drank every drop and sometimes asked for more. The we split and once again I was looking for a piss partner.I found several,then I ran onto Aiden,he was up for anything,just like me,it was a great friendship………
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