I was 14 when I went to High School. There I was with 200 horny boys between the ages of 14 and 19, locked away from the world for months at a time! There is a Heaven – I’ve been there! And it only took about two weeks for me to have the first cock of my life in my mouth. The guy I sucked off had just given me the first blow-job of my life five minutes before. He didn’t, however, believe me that his was my first. He said I was way too good at it! I had to have done it before! He just didn’t realize how long I’d wanted to get my hands and mouth on another boy’s body but never had the chance! While shy about letting guys know that I was a “cocksucker”, at first, my horniness and curiosity soon overcame that and I was doing more and more boys. Some only once. Other’s several times. And a few on a very regular basis. Most of the one’s who became regulars were “jocks”. Either from the football or wrestling teams. (I loved the muscular builds of them. I was never into “tall and skinny” so, for the most part, the basketball team didn’t interest me at all.) Some of these guys were damned near adults – especially in the body development department. Some had more hair than my father had! And some of them had to shave twice a day because the “5 o’clock” shadow started about 10 o’clock in the morning! And here I was, a few miserable pubic hairs and never had to shave in my life! But that was ok with me. I loved pushing my nose into their sweaty ripe pubic bushes and drawing in all that natural odor as their sweaty cocks reamed my throat and shot huge loads of cum down it. Jockman was a member of the football team. Don’t ask me what position he played. It took me two years of watching the games just to figure out, when they lined up on the field, which team “had the ball”! I’m guessing, however that he played some defensive tackle role because Jockman was very physical and liked physically contacting other males aggressively! He was also on the wrestling team and I felt sorry for any of his opponents. Jockman lived up to his name. He was short and very stocky – like the stump of a very large tree. His stockiness came from muscles – not fat. His body was hard everywhere! His arms were so heavily muscled but so short that he literally couldn’t scratch the back of his own neck! His hand couldn’t reach it past his biceps and deltoids! That, in fact, was how we got together. Being the lowly little freshman and him the “jock” senior, I don’t think I would even have ever come to his notice but for the fact that we ended up in the same History class. All of the rumors about “dumb jocks” was true for Jockman. How he graduated I’ll never know. I suspect it had more to do with what he did on the football field and the wrestling mats than what he did in the classroom. At any rate, I ended up sitting right behind him and next to a couple of his other “football Jock” friends who were also seniors trying to graduate. It used to thrill me to see them physically “messing” with each other before class – punching arms, head-locks, and scratching each other’s back because they were all so muscular, they had somewhat the same problem that Jockman did, but not as badly. I had taken to getting to class early just so I could watch this fascinating interplay. Instead of coming in to the classroom in a “herd” they way they usually did, Jockman was all alone. In fact, there was nobody else around but him and me. He sat down in the desk in front of me and then turned around. He had never done that before. He looked at me and ordered me to scratch his neck for him. I suppose, he thought he would have to intimidate me to get me two do it. Little did he realize that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him. I eagerly scratched his neck and followed his directions about where to move my fingers. Before he was satisfied, I had also covered most of his back. He stood up and stood next to me. “Thanks. You do that really good. Anything else you do really good?” he smirked at me. “Like what?” I asked. Instead of a reply, he took my hand in his and started rubbing his cock and balls with it through his pants. He held my wrist tight while he did it, expecting me to pull away at this “indignity”. But I wasn’t the least interested in pulling away! I just wish those fucking pants weren’t in the way! It didn’t take him long to realize that he was getting no resistance from me and so he gradually loosened the hold he had on my wrist. I was grateful, because it was beginning to hurt. I, on the other hand, continued to rub my hand over the mound of his genitals. A mound I correctly surmised was caused by him wearing a jock. I found out later, he wore one almost all the time. I think he did it to make him seem bigger. You see, Jockman’s cock equaled his nickname as well. Not long but very, very thick! My first “beer can” cock. But his balls! His balls were massive! He was literally “hung like a bull”! And the sight of this massive mount of flesh in his jock pouch really looked like he had a massive cock. He finally let go of my hand entirely, which gave me a chance to begin rubbing all over his crotch. He stood there, smirking down at me. “Under the gym, the visitor’s locker room. 12:30. Be there or I hunt you down and break your fuckin’ arm!” he grunted and then sat down in front me again, his back to me. The threat was unnecessary. But he didn’t know that. Or maybe he did. I always got the feeling that Jockman liked feeling like he was “forcing” me to have sex with him, even through it was very obvious that I was entirely eager to. I didn’t go to the visitor’s locker room at 12:30, I was there at noon! Eagerly anticipating what was going to happen. Jockman showed up at about twenty after and smirked to see me sitting there on a bench in front of the lockers, waiting for him. He walked up to me, rubbing his hand over his crotch. When he was right in front of me, he took his hand an put it on the back of my head and shoved my face into his crotch. I was in heaven, I could smell the wool of his uniform pants but I could also feel and smell the raunch of his jock and crotch. Jockman sweated like a pig and his natural scent was strong – not offensive – but somewhat overpowering at times. I took deep whiffs of his crotch, which I knew he could hear and then started licking the outside of his pants and biting through the material, gently, to stimulate his cock. I think this surprised him. I don’t think he had thought this whole thing out. He knew I was willing to do what he wanted, he just didn’t figure on me being this eager and going this far so fast. He let go of my head and stood back away from my eager mouth. He unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop to the locker room floor he then pulled off his tie (we were all required to wear them) and opened his shirt so that I could see all the way down his very hairy body. I could see the raunchy jock he wore. Better yet, I could smell it as the fumes of his raunch rose from his heated crotch. “Strip! Now!” was all he said to me. The clothes flew off my body and in what seemed like seconds I stood naked before him, my cock harder than I ever remember it being. His forceful manner was definitely turning me on way beyond just the sexual tension. We looked each other in the eye and I saw that this was one horny male! “Get on you knees, faggot! You know what to do!” he ordered. I dropped to my knees and buried my face in his raunchy jock. I doubt that Jockman ever washed it. As I licked it I found tastes I was, at that time, unfamiliar with. I could taste the saltiness of his sweat and something somewhat sweet which I imagined to be pre-cum, but there was something else which was strong and tangy which I didn’t know then, but later, was dried piss. I loved everything I was tasting and was happy to have given up lunch to eat between Jockman’s legs. “Pull it down!” Again his voice came from above me. I immediately pulled on the waistband of the jock and pulled it down until it was resting around his ankles with his pants. And there – pointing right at me – was his hard, thick cock. It was so thick, I wondered if I could stretch my mouth around it? But I leaned forward eagerly and began licking his sweaty balls. God! The flavor, the stink of them! I was a pig in heaven! I licked his hairy nuts until they were sloppy with my saliva and then moved my tongue up until I was licking all over the huge mushroom head of his cut cock. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and his cock slid in. While it was a jaw-stretcher, it wasn’t very long so I could take it all inside my mouth – right to the root – without it going down my throat. I moaned around his cock as I began sucking it while licking the underside with my tongue. I grabbed my own cock and began beating off while I feasted on Jockman’s log. It didn’t take very long for either of us to cum and, when he did, I got a huge load out of his balls. I shot my load on the floor, carefully avoiding his pants. I didn’t want to die just for an orgasm! Jockman pulled up his pants and jock, re-buttoned his shirt and put his tie back on. “After practice today. Be here!” he said and strode from the room. I knelt there, on the floor, naked with my cock still hard. I jacked off another load almost immediately just from the memory of the encounter. That set a pattern for us. He didn’t like missing lunch – he ate literally like a horse at every meal – so it became every afternoon, after whatever sports practice he had, under the gym in the visitor’s locker room after the rest of the team and the coaches had left. We started doing it in the shower room because then we could always appear innocently taking a shower if anyone came in. They never did. But we would be there, in the steam of the room with a couple of the showers turned on and me on my knees sucking Jockman’s cock. It was about the second or third time that we were together that I introduced Jockman to my favorite past-time, sucking ass. At first I don’t believe he thought I was serious when I told him what I wanted to do to him. I think he thought I was going to try and corn-hole him or something, but I told him he had nothing to worry about with me. After all, couldn’t he “break me in half” if he wanted to? He finally turned around and bent over, resting his hands on his knees as I’d instructed him to do. His butt was beautiful! Firm and hairy like the rest of him with a deep crack filled with hair. Now, even though we were in a shower, we hadn’t taken one yet. We waited until afterwards for that. So Jockman was always very sweaty and musky having spent the last two hours in practice. When I got him – he reeked of sweat and his own strong scent which really drove me wild! I began by licking all the sweat off his butt cheeks. Jockman seemed to like this because as I did it, he began swaying his hips and moving his ass all over my face. I think he got the idea that this is all I wanted to do because I could feel him tense up and stop moving when I began licking at the hairs at the edge of his crack. I gently pulled it open and buried my nose in his butt trench. The odor of hot, sweat, male ass hit me and I began sniffing and moaning into his trench. Jockman just stood there and let it happen. I couldn’t take sniffing his ass for long – I had to taste it! I began laving my tongue up and down his crack and tasting all the wonderful essences of his male body. When I finally reached his greasy hole and began licking and sucking at it, Jockman began to moan, loudly, and to rub his butt into my face. I was lost in the tastes and smell of his ass. I tried to work my tongue into his hole but he, at first, strongly resisted keeping his hole clenched shut. But by constantly licking in a spiral around his hole, he gradually gave into the feelings and relaxed. I couldn’t get my tongue very far into the wrinkled opening of his virgin hole, but what I did taste drove me crazy! The feeling must have done him in, too, because he was not only moaning louder than he had before, but he quickly stood up, turned around, shoved his cock in my mouth and shot the biggest load I’d ever gotten from him. That was just fine with me, because with the smell of his butt still up my nose and his cock shooting down my throat, I shot off at the same time. Usually, at that point, Jockman didn’t say a word. He would just step under one of the showers, wash, dress and leave. He no longer had to say that I was to be here tomorrow. That was a given. But this time, he looked down at me with his face set in deep confusion. “You really like that?” he asked. “Yeah!” I answered. “I love it!” Jockman just shook his head. I was a mystery to him. But one that he seemed fascinated by. Jockman eventually let the secret out to his jock buddies and I got to become like the football team “mascot”. I was sucking most of them off and, because of that, I was then completely protected around campus. Word went out, I’m not really sure how, that no one was to mess with me in any way or the culprit would have to answer to half the football team. One asshole who thought himself a real “man” decided that he didn’t have to obey this edict and shoved and knocked me down in the hall one day. I was told he had a “blanket party” that night and spent the next two weeks with a black eye and avoided me like the plague for the rest of his time at the High School. But the story I want to tell you is my introduction to watersports. Piss was something that somewhat fascinated me. Not my own. Other guy’s. I guess it was because that was the best way to get to see their cocks without necessarily giving away that I wanted to suck them. The High School was old and the classroom building had trough urinals (my personal favorite). It was thrilling between classes to line up with 5 or 6 guys and watch the golden flows from their beautiful cocks. I guess I just made the connection somehow that made piss as sexually stimulating to me as rimming was. But I had no thoughts beyond loving to watch a guy take a piss. I especially was incredibly turned on to guys who could just whip out their cocks, out in the open (a field, woods, anywhere) and take a good, long piss regardless of who was around. I was, I hate to admit, more than slightly pee-shy at that time. But quickly got over it! One day, I was waiting for Jockman to arrive in the shower room for his daily blow job. I should tell you, Jockman – if you haven’t figured it out – was not the brightest bulb in the box. I ended up doing most of his homework for him and writing his English papers for him or he never would have graduated. He was physically 18 by this time, but emotionally I would have to put him about middle school. He had the love of gross things that early adolescent males often have. He loved farts and jokes about farts and other things that indicated he had a long way to go to ‘grow up’. But that was just fine with me! It also meant that he was willing and eager to try just about anything I came up with in the way of sexual fun. I tried out a lot of my fantasies with him. And, God knows, he was always ready and eager to shoot a load down my throat! What more could you ask for? But except for the initial time, he never took the lead in these sexual antics. He was more than willing to let me come up with the next gross, horny thing that I could do with him. So, there I was, kneeling on the floor, surrounded by the steam when Jockman strode into the shower room, his cock already hard and poking straight out from his pubic hair and pointed right at me. But something was different. Usually he had a smirk on his face as he brought his hard cock for servicing, but this day it just seemed to be even “smirkier” than usual. I opened my mouth, waiting for his cock to shove inside for it’s initial licking. But it didn’t happen. Jockman stopped about 2 feet away from me and I saw him somewhat strain and then relax and, suddenly, from his cock, his piss shot out in a heavy stream! It hit my face and I was quickly drenched by it. I had no time to react, so some of it went into my mouth as well. Now I had sucked on the stains in his jock and suddenly realized with his piss in my mouth, what it was I had been tasting. Rather than spit out the piss, which is what I think he expected of me, I swallowed it. It was very salty and a little strong, but not bad. I looked up and saw the shock on his face as I swallowed his piss. I don’t think he had intended for things to go this far! I don’t think he thought anyone would do something like that. He should have known better, by now, with me! Instead of being turned off, this was the most thrilling thing I’d ever experienced other than licking my first ass! I immediately opened my mouth and moved it toward his hot piss stream and filled it again with his piss. I swallowed again and then, moving forward in the stream, just put my mouth around this cock head and began drinking direct from the source. It took a little while for me to get the rhythm of swallowing down and some of his piss was pouring out of my mouth and down my body – but this was thrilling in itself! I finally got it right and drank down the rest of his hot, yellow flow. I don’t think that Jockman was prepared for his own reaction to this, either! He got so turned on, that while he was pissing, he shot his load of cum down my throat as well and I shot off without even touching myself sending my load all over his legs. He didn’t even notice or care! After pissing and cumming in my mouth, his cock never went down so I just kept it in my mouth and kept sucking on it. In just a few minutes, he unloaded another hot load of tasty cum down my throat – something he’d never done before, either – cumming twice in our afternoon sessions. After his second orgasm, and mine, he pulled his cock from my mouth and went and showered. Not a word was said between us. I think he had intended this to be a gross little practical joke on me – pissing on me. But it had kind of backfired on him! And he needed time to puzzle out not only what had happened, but his own reaction to it. But, nothing puzzled Jockman much. As far as he was concerned evidently, if it made his dick feel good – that was all that mattered. The next afternoon, he arrived right on time and walked toward me with his cock hard again. He looked down at me, with his hard cock in his hand. “I gotta piss. You want it?” he asked. He never asked about anything before. I guess he wanted to see if yesterday was just something freaky or would I give him that pleasure again. “Anytime you want, Big Boy!” I said. Big Boy was my own nickname for him and was only ever used in that shower room. He grinned and let fly. I locked my lips around his pissing cock and drank his entire bladder full again. From that time on, pissing became part of our regular games along with sucking his cock and eating his ass. The last time we met for sex was the afternoon after the graduation exercises. He caught my eye while he was talking to his parents and jerked his head toward the gym. I smiled and nodded. We went to the visitor’s locker room where it had all started and locked the door behind us. We didn’t go into the shower but stayed in the locker room like the very first time. He opened his dress uniform and took off his pants and shoes. He was still wearing that raunchy jock under it. I licked and sucked on it before pulling it down and off him. As I did, I heard his voice above me. “Why don’t you keep that thing, you love it so much.” he said. I looked up at him and he was smiling a somewhat wistful smile at me. He was going to miss me and all the fun we had. I smiled back. “I gotta piss.” he grinned. And I locked my lips around his cock and drank from him one last time. I licked his ass and sucked him off twice before he said he had to go. He got dressed while I remained on my knees watching him. He walked to the door and looked back at me still there on my knees. I raised his filthy jock to my face and took a huge whiff of the scent while he watched. He grinned at me and left. I still have that jock today. It no longer has any smell to it, but it still holds some of my horniest memories.
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