Hot summer night of June

Outside was one of those crazy 102 degrees hot night that are pretty famous here during June, in Texas. Around 6 P.M. I’ve taken on my t-shirt and cut off, get out of a hot house and moved towards XXX Arcade. I got myself some tokens for 2,00$, buzzed and guys let me inside. It was just the beginning, when I dropped some of the tokens to see naughty boys, the door buzzed again and six handsome Mexican fellows got in. On the clocks it was around 6:40, which meant these Mexican buddies had not yet been home to clean themselves up after couple of hours and shots spent in a local pub. Few of the guys went to the girls striptease area and some of them got themselves comfortable in the booths. This XXX Arcade had video rooms all over the hallway, which was taking you to another long corridor with plenty of rooms facing every other. I was calling it “Pleasure Hall”. One of the guys had been wearing some jeans, which a guy was pulling down as he was pulling on his dick. His butthole was flashing all over the place, with a huge sign that he’s not wearing any underwear. Every time he was switching video room and getting out, I could see his cock becoming bigger and bigger. I believe, he noticed me and the fact that I was watching him, but could not approach me, since his Brasilian companjeras were always around. I almost reached the end of the hallway, when I saw him on the other side of the corridor. I went towards the place where he was standing and occupied a free booth. Some of his friends were around, but when nobody was watching he enter the same booted and closed the door behind him. As I was sitting there without any words he took my hand and put it on his cock. We’ve put around 2.00$ in tokens in and been going through the channels until we’ve found a good scene with a white fellow sucking on a huge dark rod. During that time we have been rubbing each other’s dongs for quite a while and it was going well. As we were standing near vinyl couch, he pushed me towards, so I fell on right one the couch. He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them as well as my underwear down. When I was half naked he grabbed my dick. After a short jerking off, I took his jeans off and pushed his big Mexican pecker and balls in my faces. I’ve started to suck his off. He had a nice almost 7 inch dick, with chocolate creamy foreskin. The smell of his cock was a bit beefy, like it was covered with sweat, just as well as the rest of his beautiful body. As I started to give him a blowjob his dick head started to get of the chocolate hood. When he was hard enough, he grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my throat pretty hard. When the tokens were running out, he stopped to put some more in. That when I got a proper look of his rod from the side. It was a huge, beautiful bronze cock, all smooth and juicy. I was watching him right in the moment when white fresh jazz started to get out. It was also the moment when he pulled by from my throat and said me something in Spanish. His creamy dick got in throat was again and I has eaten off his delicious white jizz. But the guys was becoming a bit more aggressive, not too violent, nevertheless, he grabbed the back of my head harder and throat-fucked me for a while in a hardcore style. Afterwards, he started to piss in my mouth. Stream of a hot piss was filling my mouth and I swallowed to portion of hot urine. However, it seemed like not enough for him. As he started to piss again, covering all my face and hair with his hot urine. He got some of it on my t-shirt and cut offs speaking something in Spanish and just to be sure that I will still feel his water later on. I was all soaking wet from his smelly urine. When he finished, he was putting his dick back in these decent pants and walking the door out. I’ve seen some people standing in a wide opened door, watching me to put my cock back in my underwear and being all wet. When I was getting out, I’ve collected plenty of looks as I was walking down the halfway, being covered all over with a Brasilian urine.
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