He’s my fuck-buddy

It was about 1pm and I was walking home from playing football with my friends. Even though it was a nice summer day, I still had to play the game that I loved. Being out there with all of these worthwhile chocolate fellows just made me want to play even greater amount. After the game, I picked up my bag and my bottle of water, and headed towards home. I did not mind walking coz I only lived a pair of streets over from the neighborhood courts. “Hey Yan” shouted a voice. I looked back and it was Ken, that guy was running to catch up with me. I stopped until he was beside me. We continued walking until we got to my house. I was walking in the door when I noticed that this guy was coming too. “Where are you going”? I said “Well I wasn’t willing to come home yet, so I just thought we could chill. Is that aiight?” that guy said “Yeah, I guess so” I replied. We walked in and I yelled for my parents but no one was home. So I went to the sink and filled up my bottle with greater amount water. I asked if he wanted something to drink, but this chab declined. So I went back out to the living room where Ken had made himself at home. This was not unusual coz this chab just lived right down the street and tended to stop by often. “I am just plan to chill and watch TV.” he said “Aiight, that is kewl. I am going to go take a shower. My body is beggin for one.” I said as I began to smell the stench of sweat that overspread my body. I went to my room and I got some recent boxers and I headed for the shower. I went to the washroom and turned on the water. I took off my football shorts and sat down on the water closet and just began to relax. My shlong was needing some attention, so I just started to jerk off it. Then all of a sudden, the door opened. “What the fuck you doin?” I exploded. ” I did not know you were in here. I thought you were still in your room,” he explained. “Well I AM in here. What do u want?” I asked him, trying to rush him out so I could receive back to my self pleasure. “Well, I did have to use the bathroom. I need to pee truly badly. But since you are on the toilet, I will just pee outside.” I said. Then I noticed that this guy already had his schlong out and was holding it willing to pee. So I got up and let him piss. We were one as well as the other in the baths with our dicks out. I tried to be inconspicuous and sneak a peek at his dick. “Damn” I said, unknowingly “What?” Ken asked “Well, I just noticed how large your shlong was buddy” I admitted “I am slutty as fuck. That probably has something to do with it. I can see by the looks of your 10-pounder that u need some relief too,” Ken said “Yeah, you are right about that” I replied. Just then, Ken got on his knees and took my dick in his throat. I was in immediately ecstasy. I was 22 years old and very well pumped up. I had black hair and a smooth, ripped body. My skin was caramel colored and very soft. My jock was 9″ and thick as hell. I had large arse balls and anything was covered with hair. I had let my hair grown up half the shaft of my dick. Ken appeared to be not to care. this chab had my pecker laying in the back of his throat. His tongue was milking my jock of all of its juices. My pecker was leaking every bit of precum that it had and it was sliding down Ken’s throat. I took him by the ears and began to fuck his face. True enough, that guy was my buddy, but that guy was sucking my wang. I had to fuck his face. I pumped his mouth so hard. My balls were slapping against his chin. All of a sudden I felt something. It was Ken’s finger; that guy had slid it in my butthole. Usually, I would have stopped right then and there, but since that guy was sucking such a worthy dick, I kept pounding his face hole. I stood him up and I walked down the hall to my bedroom. Ken was right behind me. I laid down on the daybed and Ken, put his head right in betwixt my legs and began to suck my penis once more. Then, I felt it again. Ken was fingering my a-hole. That guy was pushing his finger in and out of my ass. Then he gradually put two greater amount fingers in. It was not that facile. My ass was as taut as they came. no thing had ever gone in there. Since was all sweaty and wet, it helped his fingers slide right on in. “Aww shit, Aww shit. This shit feels damn wonderful buddy. engulf that wang. Eat that motherfucker. Take all the pecker down your throat.” I said Ken. He was fingering my butt harder and deeper than ever. Then, this chab stopped and sat up. this chab pulled his finger out and I looked up to see what was wrong. His finger was covered in shit. I had sat on the lavatory for a reason. I had to shit. “Damn” I thought. ” I was really beginning to acquire used to this dick sucking ass fingering”. Then just Ken shocked me. Just as fast as he pulled his finger out of my ass. this chab put it in his mouth. this guy was licking the shit off of my finger. “You like my shit?” I asked Ken “Hell yeah. I felt that shit up there a lengthy time agone. I was just trying to receive as much of it as I could.” this guy said “I will help you out,” I said I lifted up my legs and began to poke out the shit that was lodged up my ass. Ken quickly put his head in my a-hole crack and was eating soever was coming out. that guy was eating the shit that had been up my ass since yesterday. that guy ate each last bit. he looked up and his throat was brown with my shit. I looked down at his dong. His dong was hard as hell. It looked like it was going to come out of the skin. It was twitching. I got up from my back and poked Ken on his. I straddled him and eased my wazoo down on his dick. It was hard to do. one time his head was in, I sat down sluggishly on the rest of the 11 inches. Ken’s pecker had to be about 10 inches. It was larger than mine. His head hurt the almost all; it was shaped like a mushroom. Ken was dark skinned and had an afro. this chab was tall and lanky. So to think this guy had a big dick was out of the question. Damn, I was wrong. His dong was overspread in veins and it felt damn fine in my gazoo. I started to ride his cock like a racehorse. “You like this shitty ass?” I said “You like getting your dick overspread in shit?” “Fuck yeah” this chab said, “I know you have greater amount shit up there, I know you do. Give it to me. Shit on my dick,” this guy begged “In time” I said I got up and got on my hands and knees and Ken got behind me. He immediately stuck his rod in. “I love the hot, juicy feel of your ass” Ken moaned “Fuck me bitch,” I grunted. “You couldn’t do no thing on the court, lets see what your big arse weenie can do” Ken grabbed my waist and pounded me like I was his girl. Then I felt it. Ken was cumming up my ass. It was a lot. His balls must not had been emptied in an whilst. he shot load after load all in my ass. He kept squirting greater quantity and greater amount ball batter. His cum was leaking out. This chab kept shooting. My butt was getting full. I began to move. “I ain’t done yet,” Ken said as this chab stopped me from getting up Before that guy could finish the sentence this chab began to fill my butt with hawt piss. He urinated like this guy was filling up a swimming pool with it. It just kept flowing. It was so hawt as it sprayed against the insides of my shitty, cum filled ass. Ken was leading me to believe that this chab had done this in advance of. This chab never took his dong out. this guy just started to pump my ass afresh. His dong started to grow and soon after this chab was fucking my arse again. I started to cum. Ken stuck his hand below my spewing penis and caught every bit of my dong juice. Then that guy pulled his schlong out of my ass and stared to jack his wang off. I was feeling kind of strange. I had piss, cum, and shit all up my booty. Something HAD to come out. “Ken, I got to receive all this outta my ass,” I said “Why do you think that I put it all in? I wanted to see it some out,” He said. He stuck his head betwixt my ass, and opened up my hole with his tongue. Just then, anything began to gush out. Shit, piss, cum all came out of my gazoo. Ken was catching what he could with his mouth. this chab was loving it. “Mmmmmmm” Ken moaned. When it was all out, I turned around and Ken was overspread a mixture of piss, shit and cum. I bent over and began to lick of off him. Just then he started to cum the second time. This time I caught it with my mouth. Just then, my door opened. It was my mom….
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