guy licks wet cock A group of fully-clothed, masculine guys quietly converse and roam about in the front of the auditorium of the dilapidated, abandoned theater. For all the calm, there is distinct tension in the air. Their attention is diverted by the sight of a skinny, pimple-faced guy of about 17 strolling out from the wings to the very front of the stage. Expressionless a lengthy penis dangling from the fly of his Jeans he lifts it into his palm and casually starts to send a strong spray of urine into the area below! For four lengthy minutes, his unrelenting stream of hawt piss continues. During that time, 10 men walk across his path. Also expressionless, they allow themselves to be splattered as they open their throats and drink freely from the boy’s fountain before moving on. A scarcely any minutes later, with a similar lack of fanfare, a naked stud in his 40’s soft-cocked and showing signs of pudginess walks to the same spot and turns his back to them. Squatting way down in a vulgar manner, he applies pressure to his sphincter muscles until a perfectly horrendous mass of pink and purple flesh hangs lewdly from his chocolate hole as if it had taken hold of a prick and bitten it off this revolting mess being the remains after his rectum chewed it up! Closer inspection reveals the disgusting obscenity to be his own anal lips! They appear to have been abused by the Nazis, the Klan, various rapists, and perhaps a few vampires! The males pass by and reach up to sniff, fondle, and knead the moist flesh between their fingers. The fact that it has obviously gone unwashed for possibly months does not appear to be to offend those chaps. They smell their sticky fingers, take up with the tongue them, and rub the stench over their throats. Several unashamedly wiggle a scarcely any fingers up into the man’s gaping rectum before likewise taking it to their lips. They say not a word…not even acknowledging each other during this mass admiration of the man’s monstrous, obscene asshole. When they’d all felt of it manipulating and teasing it so that it now droops down so low it would fill a man’s palm he rose. two more bare studs emerge and come forward. The first, an incredibly thin golden-haired in his late 21s easily over 8′ tall. A similarly slender prick at least a foot long stands stiffly from his crotch at a 45 degree angle…bobbing slightly as he walks forward. he looks like an emaciated stilt-walker on the bone! Following him closely is a dwarf. Though difficult to ascertain, this chab is possibly no greater amount than 30. From his loins straight out stands a short, extremely thick piece of meat that would wreck an anus much worse than the flagpole sported by the other mate. The usually unnerving side-to-side wobble associated with dwarfs becomes a butch swagger on this boner-toting exposed stud. When this chab gets to the front, the blond is kneeling at the older man’s side, sniffing and fingering his chocolate hole. The dude has bent at the waist, allowing the staring audience to watch the intimate fondling. The dwarf lowers his face and takes a quick sniff of the man’s gaping aperture previous to laying on the floor with his feet facing back toward the dusty, torn curtains. His prick stands inflexible. The blonde straddles him in the same direction and squats until he is sitting on the dwarf’s mouth. The little boyfrend continues to eat out the blond-haired asshole with an unmistakable honesty. This is no performance. he is eating out the blond’s asshole for his own pleasure, and the loud groans and slurpings coming from him are simply intimate expressions of erotic joy made public. The studs in the auditorium had simply been given permission to be voyeurs at this public display of their uninhibited longing. The blond masturbates the dwarf’s thick truncheon until the other fellow also straddles the dwarf and backs his wazoo into the blond’s face. The guys in the crowd stare intently, stiffing from little brown bottles, as they see the golden-haired bury his face in the man’s mushy anus and attack it with his lips and tongue with no less fury than the dwarf is doing at his rearend. The man wantonly squishes that unholy anal mess over the blond’s face! Still, the only betrayal exhibited among the crowd is now nearly every prick is sticking fully-erected and untouched from their trousers. A not many prefer the taut confined pressure by leaving ’em unexposed. A universal truth is now apparent: Beauty is often a minor factor when it comes to real lust. Every guy there is burning inside with desire caused by this torrid display of salaciousness betwixt three freaks of nature who almost all would consider downright unsightly. But their animalistic hungers stir senses even more meaty. And this gives every individual flaw a distinct gal of its own. The blond becomes a towering white Watusi with a strong spear. The dwarf a round, cuddly fireball who, between his lips and prick, could fun a man’s asshole so thoroughly he could easily make any chap his slave! And the other? Some know, perhaps. But others initially find the sight and feel solely unequalled. Seeing the way the blond is now gorging on that unnatural monstrosity, every of those asslickers realize that what they’d often searched for in all the assholes they’d fingered, sniffed, lapped, yanked apart, widen open, and thrust their wiggling tongues ever harder and deeper into…is exactly the perfection the blond has his whole face mashed into! he’s licking and sucking on the ultimate chocolate hole whilst they watch in awe, wondering how anyone could debase themselves eating that filthy, grotesque shithole! Yes, they had licked their fingers after playing with it. These studs are no beauties. But their actions are greater amount maso- chistic and based on a real crave to action sexually excited and scanda- lous. Now they are enjoying the blond’s actions vicariously… seeing it as an almost spiritual act. That nonsense ends abruptly. Eyes widened, and several gasps are audibly heard. The fellow has reached back and pulled the blond’s face deeper into his filthy, shit-layered gash, forcing him to take up with the tongue and tongue further inside his rectum. This causes an explosive spasm of intense lechery in the ass-eater. He greedily worships the mature man’s raw and abased shithole, and suddenly begins to shit a chubby smelly turd into the dwarf’s delighted mouth! The little boy-friend could not have wished for anything better. this chab sucks the blond’s glistening, slimy turd with unimaginable fury! that guy has a sweltering, pungent mouthful of another man’s shit and this guy fully enjoys each whiff of the unholy stench and every bitter squirt of shitjuice that dribbles down his throat! His shlong spurts violently as the blond masturbates him. greater amount of the long, brown crap is squishing from the blond’s lewdly distended anus, and this guy wishes to take up with the tongue the sticky rectal grease from that too. Twisting his head, he slips his mouth off and pulls the turd from the blond’s rectum. he licks the entire surface clean in advance of setting it aside and pulling that asshole back onto his face hole to take up with the tongue and suck the shit from the wrinkled, soiled ring! Paying no attention soever to the crowd, they quickly change places. The dwarf wallows in the man’s gaping cavern while the golden-haired sucks his wazoo. Perhaps cuz his tongue is as lengthy as everything else about him, he’s pretty soon coaxed a hefty tube from the dwarf’s bowels and fills his mouth with it… giving it a worthwhile sucking! Loving the stinkhole he is slurping at, the dwarf’s lips are quite exhausted from his intensive ass-eating. With a vulgar jerk of his giant round butt, that guy shits the turd out…leaving it sticking in the blond’s sucking face hole. he kneels down quickly, takes one lengthy captivating swipe of his tongue over his own turd, then goes down on the blond and sucks his rod until his mouth is filled with a river of warm, agreeable sex cream that slithers down his throat oh so pleasantly! The blond lifts the turd from his face hole and turns it around. this guy stuffs the other end into his face hole and sucks on it! The fat-anused man has turned to watch, likewise. Now the huge prick that had secretly risen much earlier comes into view. It’s a fully engorged, healthy 8-inch manrammer that has often been neglected in the man’s life-long obsession at having huge things constantly stuffing his itchy anal opening. In fact, even now it’s given only cursory attention with light jerking off. For the chap has put his other hand behind, and with knees slightly bent that guy gyrates his butt wildly no doubt to anyone that he is furiously pumping several fingers in and out of his giant shit- hole. he humps up and down, almost impaling himself on his entire hand! he is sorely tempted to do just that. God knows he’s had hundreds of fists gnawing the insides of his rectum. But 1st he has to dump the filthy, agreeable load this guy holds. without waiting for the blond who lastly has an oppor- tunity to take up with the tongue the dwarf’s messy anal opening out he squats his bottom just over where the ass drilling was happening. out of taking his tongue from the dwarf’s ass, the blond reaches up and uses one as well as the other hands to pry open the man’s flapping, fleshy shithole. A turd of immense proportions bolts from that hatch and is still coming when it mashes over the blond’s face! this chab shits and lifts at the same time, causing the end of his 12″ of over-ripe booty filth to snake over the blond’s face and the dwarf’s wazoo. The lanky blond gasps loudly and pulls his tongue from the washed-out hole but only to take up with the tongue furiously on the ton of shit covering his nose and mouth. Clumps and sections plop onto his neck as the dwarf spins around. that guy also gasps with glee and falls onto the blond’s body to take up with the tongue the hard turds covering him. In a final expression of total debauchery, the fellow sits on his heels with his gaping spit-and-shit coated asshole thrust back over the edge of the stage to be worshiped by any hungry shit- eater. this guy joins the other 2 in an outrageous muck-licking, turd-sniffing orgy that ends merely when the final morsel of the man’s shit has been devoured by one of ’em. The dude gulps the reeking mash down with equal enthusiasm as several faces badger in and out to take up with the tongue and slop the dirt from his wide- open, stinking gap and smooch the buttery shit from his fluttering flesh lobes. Sitting with their legs dangling over the front of the stage, the 3some exert no greater quantity energy than is necessary to lick the shit from every other’s fingers. The scene directly below ’em is total bedlam. Fourteen naked men are writhing together and shits are being taken everywhere. Turds are indiscriminately being licked, sucked, and shared. A scarcely any are shoveling as much of one man’s turd into their face holes as they can handle, while others are attempting to get a taste of every man’s shit. They lick and suck and pass ’em around cleaning a indecent chocolate hole ravenously of leftovers. dicks spew wild streams of jism everywhere, and the most boisterous are those experiencing total fulfillment as they scandalously suck their own shit for the 1st time and find it disgrace- fully luscious! The mature stud chuckles. he knows that feeling well…and had just exhibited it. From that first time when a neighbor man got him to take a shit and engulf on his own turd while he was getting his butthole royally plundered, he’d not ever gone long before the urge to suck one of his own arose.
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