I was in mid-school back then. Was facing the puberty, my voice had already broken and some hair appeared in the new places. My skin was smooth and pale, I’ve never been too much of a sport guy, so I looked a bit younger than I really was. I did look attractive and innocent so I could benefit some bonuses, thanks to my appearance. James was a completely different type. He was in high-school football team, sporty body that gave him look of a few extra years, dark skin and exuded confidence. The way he walks, the way he speaks, you could think that he is a fully adult guy, rather than high-school graduate. He was older than me, so we never really encountered each other, except that sometimes we went home in the same direction after school. To reach the home we should pass kind of a small forest, because we lived in an outer suburban neighbourhood. At the end of that road were two small pass ways in different directions, where we finally separated our ways. Usually kids in my age have a lot of secrets, I had just one. I liked to masturbate on photos of handsome guys. I never showed up any interest in guys at school, so I was sure my friends are not suspecting me in anything like that. Moreover, I actually had no interest in any guys I’ve met. Until I’ve met James. So one day, we walked home on the same road again. Since we never really spoke to each other, James was walking about dozen meters in front of me. I had a pleasure to watch him from behind. He had quick step so I had to speed up a little to keep him in line of sight. When we reached the forest James went off the road. I supposed he went to take a leak, so I decided to hide in the bushes with a good view and peek. I was a bit surprised, he dropped his pants on the ground so I could see his legs and ass. As I mentioned he was in a football team, so his legs were very muscled. When he started to piss against a tree I tried to sneak up closer, to get a better view on his dick, but like it happens in the movies, my foot landed on a dry branch and it broke with a loud sound. He noticed me, but didn’t said anything, just a little smile which meant that he didn’t mind if I come closer. I got up and moved towards James through the bushes. While I was approaching, he finished pissing against and I was expecting him to wear his pants on, but instead of that he turned around to me, grabbed his dark dick and raised it in his hand. It was unexpected, but I felt that my own cock was hardened and already pushed against my school trousers. “Hey Jimmy” he said, are you spying on me? “Sorry” I was blubbering, excited to see another guy’s cock getting hardened in front of me. “Want to take out yours?” I didn’t said anything. Immediately I dropped my trousers and grabbed my already hard cock in the hand. First thing I noticed it was the contrast of my pale white skin and his dark colour when our cocks were beside each other. “I really like your dick” he said with a deep voice and stretched out his hand towards me. He put his hand on my stomach, then lowered it down until he reached my cock. He came closer and pointed his penis towards me. “Wanna play with mine?” he asked with a smile. I wrapped my fingers around his dick, and it was as hard as mine, it was the first time I touched someone else’s dick but mine. I started to work my fist into a slow jerk-off. James started to stroke my cock and touching my balls. After few seconds he began to pick up speed, and I felt the smell of a teenage crotch in the warm clear forest air. He rubbed a small liquid drop that came out from my dick. In some moments James noticed that I’m standing in the mud he created while pissing, so he grinned and said: “You are a nasty dirty little kid, aren’t you ?” I did not have time to answer, he landed his own shoe into the mud. “I’m… close… I’m very close.” From the look on James I could understand that he is almost there. I felt that his cock hardened even more in my hand. But I didn’t wanted to cum until he did, but it was hard to resist, while watching his big dark hands working on my cock and thoughts that we standing alone in the forest, concentrated on giving pleasure to each other were unbearable. “Oh… Oh… I’m… gonna…” James pressed on my dick when first shot of cum was sent to travel. In that same moment I felt that can’t wait anymore and cum erupted from my dick, right on his muscled leg. After that James with a beautiful motion began to showering his cum on my legs and my blue school shirt. With a deep breath we slowly released each others cock and wiped each others cum off with nearby bushes. I was happy that I finally did it with a guy and I think he thought the same. I was looking on cum spots that we just wiped out and smiling, proud that our cum gonna soak on each other’s school uniforms. Without any words we went back to the road and continued our way home in silence. When we reached the part where we need to split up, James grabbed my shoulder and said that I should come in that place, next week, the same day so we can do it again. I knew that I can’t do it that today, so I asked for his address and told him that I’d better come to his place. He gave me the address, smiled and we went home.
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