18th Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday; that is why I decided to splurge on another escort visit. I was in Chicago by myself for work, but ready to play! My boyfriend and my mom took me out for a worthwhile lunch previous to I went to the airport — I was having a really worthy day, and wanted it to finish off as perfectly as it had already gone. I called my boyfriend when I got into Chicago, having set things up in advance online about what type of scene I wanted — emphasizing the tough tender, rough romantic thing. this guy was quite amenable online chatting, and when I got to talk to him by phone it turned out he was looking forward to exploring stuff likewise. The voice on the phone was fabulous, unfathomable and manly and enjoyable too, I saw the potential for the one and the other sides of the scene. this guy was very chatty and engaging. We arranged for him to come over around ten o’clock to the hotel. About 10 past 10 (just enough time for the anticipation to grow to slightly unbearable levels…) there is a knock at the door. I walk to the door and look throughout the peep aperture (I love that moment!). this guy knew just what to do — stood back and preened a little, knowing I was getting my first glimpse. I opened the door and he is standing there, wide smile, bright eyes, incredible tan setting off his dark black hair and mustache. A crisp starched white oxford shirt setting off the unfathomable golden tan. And tight jeans. And u could tell the way the shirt hung that there was major muscle underneath. So that guy comes inside and this guy starts to make out with me. “Happy Birthday…” standing, necking, and this guy starts undoing his shirt. And we’re kissing and my hands are exploring his body and we’re kissing and giving a kiss and kissing… total swoon moment! that guy begins to take off my shirt too and then we receive down to underclothes. he is a GREAT kisser, the flawless mix of unfathomable and sensuous and affectionate and forceful and dominant. he established his caring and his control from the receive go. So we break for a bit and I offer him a beer then take a pair of hits off a joint and we chat a little… and we make out a little… and I start to work on his chest with my mouth. Then this guy shows me this arm… and that arm! And we kiss some greater amount. Then the underclothing comes off and that knob is revealed for the first time. What a marvelous dong this guy has: full, strong, large — not huge, just right (and then some). I sink to my knees and start to suck on it. Sigh… And he’s looking down on me and talking (he is a great talker). “You like that cock?” I stop engulfing at one point to answer the question with a “Yes.” And he says, “Yes, what?” “Yes Sir.” He pushes his cock back into my throat and the transformation begins… He starts facefucking me, greater quantity control of my head, deeper thrusts, deeper voice; and now he is taking my face hole for his use and the smile fades, though the gleam in the eye brightens. that guy lifts me to my feet and sets me on the bed and says, “Wait a minute.” this guy turns around to his gym bag which that guy came in with and takes out an arm band and snaps it in place whilst flexing the arm. Then that guy takes out a leather vest which this guy puts on during the time that preening a bit more. “Do u like leather, boy?” “Yes Sir… you are marvelous Sir…” The vest hangs so on him! And the way his arm strains against the tight band of leather! Oh jeez…. Then he says, “And I brought smth for you. It might be too big, but let’s put it on you…” this guy has me stand up and this guy takes out a harness and thongs me into it!!! And i am back down on my knees sucking his pretty penis some more! this guy angles us to the mirror on the room’s armoire and tells me to WATCH: watch his shlong going in and out of my mouth, see this leatherman dominating me, see him admiring himself and how incredible that guy looks and how this little chap is willing to pay him for the fun of giving him pleasure! All the while he is talking tough and fucking my mouth, and this guy looks down into my eyes and says, “There’s smth else u desire from me isn’t there? something else u wish me to feed you….” And this chab pulls me to my feet with one hand, gripping the harness, like a leash, and he grabs the not-finished bottle of beer and leads me into the bathroom, orders me into the bathroom on my knees with a gesture. he steps inside, standing over me. He positions himself first, looking in the mirror opposite, checking himself out, and then looking down at me. Looking from his godlike force reflected in the mirror to this worshipful puny guy on his knees, in serf… ready to go where this guy hasn’t gone previous to but is now HUNGRY for. He puts his schlong in my face hole again and takes the bottle of beer and casually drinks some, savoring it in his throat while looking down at me — so casual, preoccupied with his drinking… while, incidentally, i am doing my service. “Do u like beer, boy?” I nod, his rod filling my mouth. “Here, have some, boy.” And that guy pours some beer along his dong. It runs into my mouth and down my chin and down my chest and onto my weenie; and i am drinking it, washing the beer from his 10-pounder. this guy takes one more gulp himself, “Want some more?” And he pours some greater quantity and I go after it even greater quantity thirstily. I engulf and he admires himself in the mirror and he looks down at me with this smile on his face, appreciating his own force reflected in the pliant look in my eye and how thirsty I clearly am for what he is giving me. And this chab takes another sip, “Want some more?” I nod emphatically, still sucking, and that guy pulls his rod from my mouth and leans down. I open my mouth, like a baby bird, and this guy lets the beer stream from his mouth into mine. I receive majority of it and what I don’t get spills over my chin and chest and he kisses me afresh — deeply — and stands back up. “Suck me some more boy.” And this guy takes one more gulp of beer, his arm powerfully pumping as that guy flexes it to bring the bottle to his mouth, his full chest looming over me — what a sight… And this chab feeds me once more from his mouth, and kisses me. And then, without standing up again, looks me in the eye directly. “Let me feed u smth else now… Put my weenie in your face hole again boy…” And I do, not engulfing so greedily this time, just letting it relax in my mouth. And his legs begin to shake a bit and I can tell he’s struggling with his body, to get it to relax. His legs proceed to shake, the hard thighs trembling beneath my palms… and then this chab moans a bit and says, “Here you go guy… what you have been awaiting for…” that guy begins to make water in my mouth. Oh my God… And i’m drinking and drinking from him. Drinking this man’s piss, my Master’s piss, drinking from his body like he is a water fountain. Drinking the beer from his shlong. Drinking him in, totally submissive to his needs. Ready to do as this guy commands. My mouth is closed around him and my eyes closed — lost in this incredible intimacy with his force and control. Drinking and drinking, my arms wrapped around his legs, holding to him. And this guy pats my head “Good boy, valuable guy… swallow me, boy, swallow me… Take what I have to give u boy… Yeah, that is it… Thirsty chap… Good boy…” he finishes and I clean off his cock, my pecker rock hard without touching, and he’s right, just like he said on the phone earlier, when I’m with him this chab will own me… And, at this moment, that guy does… He looks in the mirror anew to watch himself… drains the final beer from his bottle and steps from the tub. “Come back inside, boy.” And I follow him — this guy doesn’t need to lead me this time, I just follow. And this chab takes me back to the room and has me lean forward on the bed… Part 2 There I am, leaning over the bed… “You wish that booty fucked, guy? that’s what u said u wanted — I’m gonna give u your birthday present now….” So I stick my gazoo up in the air. “Show me your butt, boy.” And I reach back and pull my butt cheeks apart so he can see it. that guy starts teasing my hole with a finger and stroking his own wang. “Nice tight butt boy…” I hear a fucking-rubber pack open and hear him spit out part of it. I hear the rubber snapping on his hard, perfect rod. I hear the lube lid open and that wet sound telling me we’re getting ready. “Take those poppers now, boy, if you crave ’em…” and that guy throws them on the bed next to me — I take a hit… The world dissolves around me, around my butt, around his knob as it presses forward. this guy pushes and I open around his cock, now like iron. He goes in deeper. And deeper. Sinking to the hilt and holding it there. “Who’s butt is this boy?” “Yours SIR!!! YOURS!” “That’s right boy! and now i’m plan to fuck it!” this chab starts to fuck me; slow at first, with lengthy strokes. he’s looking at himself in the mirror again, the dark vest hanging back off him, the muscles tensed and straining — totally pumped from the exertion — that glint in his eye shining in the reflection, matching the flash of light on his lubed knob as this guy pulls out then pushes in. He steps up the pace and slaps my arse. Faster still! And slaps my butt!! He’s starting to sweat now, his whole body glinting with the effort of plowing me. he grabs the harness and pulls me up and back, driving deeper inside; and that is when I moan… “Fuck me SIR! FUCK ME!” And this guy just pounds me — it goes on and on — until i’m just suspended by his grip on the harness hanging like a flaccid doll off his cock. Then he pulls out and I drop forward. “Too sexy in here boy.” I need to cool down a bit so I ask him to lie down on the bed, “Let me take care of you Sir? Please? Just lie back and let me take care of you?” So this guy lies back, the vest falling to either side of that marvelous smooth pumped chest, and I begin to lick the sweat from his body methodically. starting on his right pec; one lengthy take up with the tongue of my tongue under the pec. The sweat smells enjoyable and tastes lightly of salt and I drink him in one more way… I clean his right pec, one lengthy wank at a time. I run my tongue up between his pecs and up his neck; this guy moans a bit and turns his head this way and that to give me access. And I return to his left pec and lick the sweat from that, stroke by jack off; tasting him, lost in his scent and taste. I ask him to raise his left arm, and my face reaches below the vest for his armpit — licking, stroking — his smell, the smell of the leather. Cleaning out his armpit with my tongue. I raise my head and come at this arm from the other side of the vest, from the outside; and, from his armpit, begin licking out along his arm. that guy flexes his bicep for me and I swoon. How hard and literally hawt it is from the previous efforts. Pumped. “You like that arm, boy, huh?” “Yes Sir!” And he flexes it more — turning it this way and that. And i worship it, what i was made to do… Worshipping that ultimate symbol of his strength. And i start to move my tongue up the forearm and back down, trailing down, back to his torso down the flare of his lats, smelling the leather of the vest afresh. Down his taut abdomen; down his crotch. My face brushing his penis. Down his strong hips that steadied me so before…. Down his calves, along his foot and down to his toes, sucking each one. Caressing, adoring, worshipping. Back along his foot, up his leg; my face gliding between his thighs, my tongue reaching his balls. He bends his knees and raises his pelvis sluggishly as I start to tongue around the base of his cock, between his thighs, behind his balls. Reaching his butt. And this guy begins to groan a bit; this chab can’t live without his gazoo rimmed. I spend time there bringing him pleasure, which, after all, is my pleasure… and his cock receives hard afresh. I come back and begin to suck it, feeling it swell and fill my mouth, feeling his control reassert itself. His hand on my head now, forcing me down. this guy sits up and starts bucking his hips. And, hand holding my head at his crotch, this chab moves from the couch and stands over me. “Get me some other beer boy, I think we the one and the other need a drink.” I acquire him some other beer and this chab starts to gulp it during the time that I suck his knob. One hand lifting the bottle to his mouth, flexing his arm, displaying his power; the other hand on my head demonstrating his vigour — muscle and will, strength and domination. He knows what he has before him. “You were very fine boy and didn’t spill a drop last time, so this time we’ll just stay right here…” We’re by the mirror, between it and the couch and i have to make sure not to spill a drop. that guy pours some beer down his knob and I gulp it up; he leans down and feeds me some beer from his mouth and I drink it up. I feel that trembling in his legs as this chab struggles to relax, to fight the urge to hold it back from me. And this chab begins to groan. His leg muscles flex. My schlong is rock hard in my hand, his pecker filling my mouth. He groans and yells: “HERE you GO BOY! gulp IT!” He begins the stream and its coming in torrents this time, filling my mouth every two seconds. I cant let it spill so i am swallowing and swallowing and that guy keeps it coming and coming. i’m jerking off my cock, his hand on the back of my head keeping me clamped to his crotch. i am struggling to keep pace with it and it flows and flows and flows… that guy drinks some greater quantity beer and i’m lost in him. Drowning in him. Clutching him. engulfing him down. And, barely touching my cock, as my mind starts reeling at the effort of keeping pace cuz this chab just keeps pissing! My cock, with one light touch of my hand, explodes… my body bucking off of his while my throat stays clamped, drinking, swallowing, cumming and cumming and drinking and drinking. “Good boy! Yeah, fine boy! swallow it boy! priceless lad…. yep…. worthy boy…” And as the tremors in my body slow, his piss begins to recede and I begin to breathe anew. Still engulfing; still swallowing — sagging against the pillars of his legs, his hand stroking my hair and my mouth cleaning his cock of the final drops. And this guy pets me on the head “Good boy!” I sag to the floor. “Now its my turn chap… get on the sofa… Lie on your back” And this chab kneels beside me on the couch and begins stroking his rod. I’m looking up at his amazing face, his astonishingly marvelous body, the tan glowing in the dim light. he starts to jack off his cock as my hands run over his body from under. “Oh Sir, what a body you have. Look at you, just look at you Sir…” My hands grabbing the meat of his pecs, running over the hard rippled stomach, and I begin to blow lightly on his balls and his cock. this chab begins to moan as his dong gets harder still, and, as I blow on his balls and crotch this guy moans even deeper than previous to and discharges on my face, on my chest, on the harness, on the bed. this chab shoots and shoots, his body spasming around his crotch; and he discharges and I feel the warm cum on my body and know that, for this night, he is made me completely his… We wash, this chab brings a towel and cleans my body. We costume and this chab stands by the door and kisses me ever so sweetly and says good night, and leaves. And that’s how my birthday ended!
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