GayWee Cute Teen Taking a Piss

GayWee is where you can find the hottest teens doing the most outrageous and things with pee. This site is all about watersports and most of its content features hot boys taking a piss – whether it be inside the comforts and privacy of their own homes or even outdoors, flashing their dicks for everyone to see. Enjoy their huge collection of high quality photos and videos featuring the best pee play action you’ll ever see online, just like this one. This cute teen spotted the camera following him to the toilet so he knew exactly what the camera meant to capture. He didn’t disappoint by even taking off his shirt first so that he’s half naked while he pees and then looks at the camera while stroking his dick. That sight sure would excite a lot of fans and then he unzips his pants and takes out his uncut dick. He then tugs the skin back so that the head could be seen as a clear stream of piss flows out of the slit of his cock. The camera was up close in the action, there’s even one shot of a drop of piss still forming at the slit of his dick before he wipes it off with a piece of tissue. Teen boy in torn jeans pissing in toilet
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