Blond Dude Takes a Piss Outdoors

It’s always exciting to do the taboo and even better – watching someone do it. This is why makes sure to capture the best pee play videos and photos featuring the hottest boys and men taking a piss and even playing with it. These studs don’t mind that their being filmed while doing something private and in fact, they enjoy the attention and even can’t help giving their cocks a couple extra tugs and strokes after taking a piss. They enjoy the attention and it makes taking a piss more pleasurable for them, just like this blond dude. He was hiking up into the forest and enjoying the solitude when he realized that the camera crew was following him. He didn’t mind and it even seemed like he enjoyed the attention as he quickly took off his shirt and walked around half naked. He then let his cock peek from his pants and teased with it for sometime. He finally felt like taking a piss and he did just that by taking his cock out of his pants and letting a clear flow of pee hit a nearby tree trunk. Check out the rest of his photos here! Half-naked blonde wants to pee in the woods Blonde pisses on a tree
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